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Why Invest in a Flight Charter Membership For Your Business?

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With Covid-19 travel restrictions lifting, countries are re-opening their borders and international travel is back on the cards. This is excellent news for businesses because – although remote working and virtual meetings have become the new normal – in-person meetings remain the most beneficial way to conduct business.

Forbes found that an overwhelming majority (84%) of executives prefer face-to-face business meetings, with the ability to build stronger and more meaningful business relationships given as the number-one reason. Being able to read body language and facial expressions and bonding with colleagues and clients also featured highly in the reasons why in-person meetings were preferred.

What are private jet memberships?

Charter memberships are derived from private aviation companies wanting to attract more clientele to private aviation and it has quickly become a popular option due to its convenience and economical value. Unlike private jet ownership or aircraft leasing, for example, chartered flight membership programs don’t necessitate a considerable upfront investment or long-term financial commitments. The majority of private jet membership programs are run on an annual basis and allow members to access flight time as and when they require it at favorable rates.

Reasons to invest in private jet membership

There are many good reasons to invest in a flight charter membership for your business.

Easy to book

Private jet memberships offer a simple booking system, making it both quicker and easier for you to charter flights. Typically, when chartering a flight, you will need to sign a contract, however, with private jet membership, this is done ahead of time so the process is streamlined even further with automatic booking and payment options, meaning all you need to do is turn up for your flight.

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As well as catering for bookings, private jet membership also gives you the option of last-minute flights, catering to those who may need to attend last-minute meetings or people who value spontaneity.

Increased business opportunities

A private jet membership program can open up new business opportunities and enable you to nurture current business partnerships through regular in-person contact. Whether you’re inviting a potential international business partner to visit you at your company’s premises or you’re travelling overseas to meet with them, chartering a private jet shows that you value and are committed to the business relationship.

Less stress and more control

Travelling as an executive requires a lot of calculation and juggling commitments. Prior to boarding a flight, you’ll be calculating how much time to allow for check-in, making provisions for potential delays and considering luggage allowances and restrictions and that’s all before you even get on board.

Once you’re on the aircraft, will you have adequate space to work or the right conditions to make a call or hold a meeting without disturbing other passengers? These are all things that aren’t guaranteed with commercial air travel but come as standard with private jet membership, offering you less stress and more control over your flight experience.

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