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With a total investment of 76.8 billion yuan, Liangjiang New District has started and completed 76 projects_Longxing_Industry_Innovation

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With a total investment of 76.8 billion yuan, Liangjiang New District has started and completed 76 projects_Longxing_Industry_Innovation

Original title: Liangjiang New District with a total investment of 76.8 billion yuan has started and completed 76 projects

On July 30, Chongqing Liangjiang New District held a centralized start (completion) activity for major projects, with 76 projects started and completed with a total investment of 76.8 billion yuan. Among them, 39 projects were started with a total investment of 41.3 billion yuan; 37 projects were completed with an investment of 35.5 billion yuan.

The key projects in the Liangjiang New Area are concentrated on the start and completion activities (Photo by Zhang Weizhen, issued by China Central Broadcasting Network)

Industrial project investment accounts for over 50%, injecting new momentum into high-quality development of the industry

Among the major projects under centralized construction this time, the total investment in 6 key industrial projects exceeded 50% of the total investment in the centralized construction projects.

The Ganfeng New Lithium Battery Science and Technology Industrial Park project includes three sub-projects, a solid-state battery technology research institute, a solid-state battery production base and a battery pack system. It will build the largest solid-state battery production base in China.

The Shangdu Science and Technology Headquarters Base project started in Longxing New City, which will promote the layout of the whole industry chain in the new area around the “core screen device and core network”.

The Huguang New Energy Automobile Wire Harness Manufacturing Base Project is located in Longxing New Town, Liangjiang New District, which will further enrich the localization and matching rate of the automobile industry in Liangjiang New District and effectively promote the development of the automobile industry in the new district.

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Force scientific and technological innovation to build the core bearing area of ​​the science and technology innovation center

As an important part of the smart city of Liangjiang New District and an important part of the innovation system of “one city and multiple parks” in the Western (Chongqing) Science City, Liangjiang New District is building a Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone with high standards, creating an important source of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation.

On the whole, as of now, Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone has built 700,000 square meters of incubation buildings, introduced and established 49 R&D institutions, built more than 110 R&D platforms, approved 19 municipal-level high-end R&D institutions, and gathered 24 academician teams. A total of nearly 200 scientific and technological achievements have been transferred and transformed, and 108 enterprises have been incubated.

Improve functional quality to create an “upgraded version” of urban construction

In Longxing New City, a number of transportation projects are concentrated in the first phase of the road network, the third bid section of Xihu Road, the road in the central area of ​​Longxing gathering area (south of Huanghu Road), and the second phase of the Hehejiayuan supporting road project (Road 6). Start building.

Among the public service projects, education projects are a highlight.

Liangjiang No. 8 Middle School, Xingguang School Baixi Campus, Lijia Experimental No. 2 Primary School, Jinzhou Primary School East Campus, Jinyu School Phase II, Boya Primary School Huxia Campus and other schools started construction simultaneously. Among them, Liangjiang No. 8 Middle School has 24 classes of junior high schools and 54 classes of high schools, providing 3,900 degrees.

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After the above-mentioned newly started schools are completed and put into use, it will not only improve the level of compulsory education in the new district, but also increase the supply of high-quality educational resources, so that more children can enjoy high-quality and balanced education in the new district.

Of the 37 projects completed this time, 5 are key industrial projects, 2 are platform open projects, 19 are infrastructure projects, and 11 are public service projects. After these projects are officially put into use, they will further enhance the development level and comprehensive competitiveness of Liangjiang New Area. (Chen Xin)Return to Sohu, see more


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