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“Xiaogang Senior” responds to Tesla: Do you want public opinion or prosecution – Tesla Tesla electric car – cnBeta.COM

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A few days ago, it was reported that Tesla related departments revealed that at present, Tesla has officially sued Chen Zhengang (account name @小GANSenior), a 15 million-follower Douyin big V, for infringement of the right of reputation. The reason for the lawsuit is that at the end of April last year, “Xiaogang Senior” successively released two videos of “Tesla Model3 Automatic Emergency Braking Test Comparison”.“The automatic emergency braking function of the vehicle was ‘tested’ using a paper car and an inflatable dummy, respectively.


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The test result is that Tesla failed the test, but in the test video,It was found that Senior Xiaogang stepped on the switch for the first time, and the “energy bar” on the screen of the car also confirmed that Senior Xiaogang was accused of fraud in the test process.

For this matter, Senior Xiaogang also responded again today. Senior Xiaogang posted a video saying:

At last year’s Tesla Shanghai Auto Show, when the women’s car owner’s rights protection incident on the roof of the car was gaining momentum, I didn’t follow the trend blindly because he couldn’t reproduce the Tesla’s brake failure.

As a car owner, he can verify the problem of the active brake failure this time, so he conducted this experiment from the perspective of alerting the car owner.

In addition, about the experimental process, I want to say that,Can’t it hit the throttle when actively braking? When you get distracted when you step on the accelerator, it doesn’t brake automatically, does it? (video)

And I took the first test and the second time. If I really want to maliciously smear me, why should I take one more test? The second “no step on the accelerator”, the test results did not stop, why are you all turning a blind eye?

in addition,You can search for “Tesla Active Braking” by yourself, and how many videos are not braked, including some big media with yellow and blue labels, which did not stop during the actual measurement.

At the same time, I am responsible for my test results. If Tesla does not believe it, I hope to ask the notary office, Tesla officials, other media, and even fans to verify it together. Tesla, do you dare?

Regarding being sued, he also heard that he was sued, but he has not received a lawyer’s letter or a notice of prosecution. He is very puzzled about this. Tesla revealed what the real purpose of the prosecution was.People’s BYD’s negative information prosecutions are all released by the official, and Tesla wants to “make public opinion or really want to sue?”

Here, he also warns Tesla, whether it is buying a navy, buying a hot search, bringing a topic, exposing his real name, although Tesla does not need to do it himself, all the PR operations have traces.

There are many media who have received Tesla’s lawyer’s letter, at least there will be phone calls or communication methods, and I have nothing. This time Tesla is suing me on the surface, but it is using me as a case behind the scenes.

“After killing Senior Xiaogang, no one will dare to stand up and point out Tesla’s problems”,Those creators who fell into trouble, maybe one day, your situation will be the same as mine. But at the juncture of crisis, dare to stand up and openly oppose the brand side, do you have the courage?

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