Home Business Zhong Xuegao’s “fire can’t be burned” is on the hot search again, can it really be burned? 12 popular ice cream melting experiments – Hangzhou Net

Zhong Xuegao’s “fire can’t be burned” is on the hot search again, can it really be burned? 12 popular ice cream melting experiments – Hangzhou Net

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Zhong Xuegao’s “fire can’t be burned” is on the hot search again, can it really be burned? 12 popular ice cream melting experiments – Hangzhou Net

Does Zhong Xuegao’s “fire can’t be burned” really fail to burn on the hot search again? 12 popular ice cream melting experiments

Orange Persimmon Interactive News Recently, topics such as 1 hour at room temperature of 31°C will not melt, and Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream will not melt and other topics have caused heated discussions.

Screenshot of Zhong Xue’s high fever that is transmitted on the Internet

Why can’t ice cream “melt” at room temperature of 31 degrees? Why did Zhong Xuegao’s ice cream not melt and it was spread by heat? This afternoon, Orange Persimmon Interactive bought some brands of ice cream and ice cream to do a small experiment.

We came to the nearby Lianhua Supermarket. There were ice creams and ice creams of different brands and flavors from Yili, Guangming, Ng Fung, and Zhong Xue Gao in the freezer. We chose the popular ice cream and ice cream that girls like to eat.

There are 11 types of ice creams and 12 ice creams purchased. They are Yili Ice Factory Hawthorn Shuang, Yili Zhenxi Original Ice Cream, Yili Chocolate Classic Crispy Bar, Ng Fung Zhen Wo Thai Golden Pillow Durian, Guang Bai Xue Ice Brick, and Helu Snow Dream Dragon Toffee Hazelnut, Ng Fung Milk Cake Russian Ice Cream, Ng Fung Korean Mung Bean Ice Cream, Ng Fung Three-color Cup Ice Cream, Ng Fung Catty Love Milkshake Cup Ice Cream, Zhong Xue Gao Milk Ice Cream (Note: Two, One is going to be burned with fire).

Among these ice creams and ice creams, the cheapest one is Yili Ice Factory Hawthorn Shuang, which costs two yuan a piece, and the more expensive Zhong Xuegao milk ice cream, which costs 13 yuan a piece.

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“Burning” Zhong Xuegao’s Elementary School Experiment

Experimental method: Use a long-handled lighter, and the flame continues to burn a corner of Zhong Xue Gao’s milk ice cream

Ten seconds later, the burnt part turned black obviously, and after twenty seconds it began to melt and drip, with a slight black smoke coming out, and a burning smell.

Then, under the uninterrupted fire, the ice cream continued to darken, melt, drip…

After a minute, about a quarter of the ice cream had melted into a black, gooey mass.

Ice Cream in the Sun 10 minutes later

It’s almost gone

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the temperature was about 35 degrees, and the skin of the arm was obviously burning under the sun.

11 types of ice cream and ice cream were taken outdoors and placed on a round iron table that was strongly irradiated by the sun. When I touched the table with my hand, it was hot.

After two minutes, the surface of the ice cream and ice cream placed on the disposable paper plate began to change, the ice cream on the surface of the ice cream began to melt, and even a layer of milkshake or cheese inside began to be liquid.

After three minutes, the ice factory and Ng Fung mung beans melted the fastest.

Followed by the three-color cup, the two ice creams of Catering Love, and the milkshake on the ice cream slowly melted, and when you touched it with your hand, the two began to soften as a whole.

Seven minutes later, eleven ice creams and ice creams had melted, but the melting state was not the same.

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Among them, the Yili Ice Factory was almost completely turned into a liquid. Menglong and Cholezi had a chocolate outer layer on the surface. Although the shape did not change, the inside had melted after being poked with a popsicle stick.

In comparison, Yili Zhenxi, Zhong Xuegao, and Ng Fung durian soften slowly.

For example, Zhong Xue Gao milk ice cream, gently poked with a popsicle stick, the overall state is still relatively good, and the inside is still hard.

After ten minutes, the eleven ice creams and most of the ice cream were in a liquid or softened state.

Whether it is “fired” or placed in the sun, some ice creams and ice creams will melt at a certain high temperature, but the speed is faster or slower, and the degree of melting is different.

The reporter found that thickeners including carrageenan or carrageenan were added to these ice creams.

In Zhong Xuegao’s response, he also mentioned carrageenan, saying that an appropriate amount of carrageenan can keep the milk protein in ice cream in a relatively stable state.

In other words, the reason why ice cream can hold its shape at a certain temperature is “carrageenan”.

Thickeners are stated differently in ingredient lists for ice cream or ice cream purchased today.

Three of the ice creams only have the word “thickener” written on them, and the other two ice creams or ice cream ingredient lists indicate the types of thickeners, such as carrageenan, locust bean gum, mono- and diglycerol fatty acids For esters, etc., the expression for “thickener” is more “compound emulsification thickener”.

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In the previous response of Zhong Xuegao, he said that the carrageenan content of the brand’s sea salt coconut ice cream (additional amount of 0.032 grams) is in line with the relevant national standards.

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