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20 Years of Beijing News Book Review Weekly: A Tribute to Good Books and Knowledge

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Beijing News’ “Book Review Weekly” Celebrates 17th Anniversary

On November 14, 2003, the first issue of “Beijing News Book Review Weekly” was published, marking the fourth day since the Beijing News was first published. This weekly supplement, which is published every Friday or Saturday on Sheet C or B of the Beijing News, has been a staple for readers for the past 17 years.

“Book Review Weekly” has always been committed to promoting the importance of reading, with its slogan “Reading requires advocacy” since its inception. In 2004, the publication began the Beijing News’ annual book selection and held the first non-commercial book award organized by the media in mainland China in the 21st century. This annual book selection has been a way to pay tribute to good books, knowledge, beauty, and love.

One notable event in the publication’s history is the 2013 Good Book Salute, where Mr. Rao Pingru, the author of “Ping Ru Mei Tang,” was featured on the cover picture. This event showcased the dedication of “Book Review Weekly” to celebrating and highlighting noteworthy authors and their works.

As the publication celebrates its 17th anniversary, it continues to be a source of literary inspiration and a platform for recognizing the contributions of authors and their impact on readers. We look forward to many more years of “Book Review Weekly” and the valuable insights it brings to its readers.

Editor – Luo Dong
Proofreading – Xue Jingning

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