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A Tank Top can open the freedom of dressing in summer | Wear | Summer | Dress Free_Sina Fashion_Sina

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A Tank Top can open the freedom of dressing in summer | Wear | Summer | Dress Free_Sina Fashion_Sina

  Or the vanguard,

  or playful,

  A Tank Top can always be the finishing touch to the street style,

  Bring you infinite coolness in the hot summer.


Before the 20th century, men and women on the street would not wear clothes that exposed their arms. Tank Top appeared in the 1910s. It was designed for men to wear in swimming competitions, or to be worn by men in shirts. At that time, women did not wear vests because they wanted to maintain a “dignified” image. Swimsuits are also available with sleeves.

Until the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, 27 women wore tank top swimsuits, which caused a great sensation. Although the response at that time was a bit fierce, it was also regarded as the beginning of the development of Tank Top.

By the 1930s and 1940s, Tank Top often appeared in American movies, and the characters played by men wearing vests were usually bad guys with a certain tendency to violence.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the Tank Top officially began to become gender-neutral everyday clothing. At that time, the combination of tight top and loose bottom was popular. If the upper body was wearing a tight-fitting vest, the lower body might be wearing relatively loose jeans, flared pants, etc.

In the 1980s, Tank Top became more popular, and at that time a kind of Bundeswehr vest worn by the German army was popular. popular in the western world.

In the 1990s, the popularity of Tank Top reached its peak, especially the white vest, and the wearing of legendary supermodels like Kate Moss also made this trend more advanced.

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Speaking of the sporty Tank Top, I have to mention Kendall’s daily street wear. She often wears a slim-fit solid-color vest with a hip skirt or yoga pants, which outlines a superior figure curve and interprets women’s freedom of dressing.

The eldest cousin Liu Wen is also a loyal fan of Tank Top, or the upper body white basic model with green jeans, full of youth and freedom. Or the Tank Top with botanical print knitting on the upper body and striped suit pants, showing off the ability and neatness of women in the workplace.

If you think the basic style is too simple, you can also learn from the sweet and spicy Tank Top outfits of the sweet girls. Zhou Jieqiong’s outfit reveals a touch of sexy and cute purple vest, paired with blue jeans and denim cloud bag, which is more smart and playful, easily creating a sweet and spicy street style.

And Song Yuqi’s silver laser vest is paired with ripped jeans and a small rose red backpack. It is hot and sexy, and it is easy to handle the super cool hot girl style.

If you feel that wearing a vest alone is too cool, you can also choose to match it with a jacket. Zhang Junning’s white basic Tank Top vest, matched with a short shirt jacket, is casual and natural, interpreting the charm of mature women to the extreme.


Or you can also refer to Guan Xiaotong, who attended the Cannes Film Festival recently, with a white silhouette jacket with a waistless vest, basic black jeans, and cool Martin boots, which is full of coolness.

In the 2024 early spring resort series recently released by Chanel, the fashionable girl in white Tank Top staged a Hollywood romance and glamor for us on the west coast of the 1980s. The simple white Tank Top is decorated with dots of broken diamonds and the black fringed skirt is elegant and intellectual, interpreting the low-key elegance of women in the romantic breeze.

Chanel Resort 2024Chanel Resort 2024

Coperni’s 2023 spring and summer series is bold and innovative, using new spray-painted new fabrics to fully explain what is the most personal Tank Top. The pure white vest is clean and simple, perfectly outlines the body shape, and the torn edges bring a sense of uninhibitedness. It is matched with low-waisted straight-leg pants of different shapes, showing a free and easy elegance. ‍‍‍‍‍‍

Coperni Spring/Summer 2023Coperni Spring/Summer 2023

Giorgio armani’s 2023 spring and summer series builds a beautiful dream with lines, light and shadow, and color. The tulle mesh Tank Top vest uses weaving to interpret coolness and willfulness, supplemented by neutral gold tones such as sand to purple and dark blue, as if you are in a shining purple galaxy.

  Giorgio armani Spring/Summer 2023 Giorgio armani Spring/Summer 2023

Metallic materials, radical textures, and non-organic silhouettes have been deeply rooted in Paco Rabanne’s design genes since the beginning of the brand. In the 2023 spring and summer series, the cold underground caves covered with metal grilles and scaffolding, accompanied by the rustling echoes of metal collisions, evoke our original memories of Paco Rabanne.

Paco Rabanne Spring/Summer 2023Paco Rabanne Spring/Summer 2023

hot summer day

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Tank Top makes the dress more cool and cool,

At the same time, it is also a good opportunity to embrace the freedom of dressing,

Show more beauty of women.

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