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Amazement in Spain, Harry Potter’s snowy owl first sighted

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For several days the world of ornithology in Spain has been in turmoil: the reason is the sighting, in the north of the country, of three specimens of the snowy owl (bubo scandiacus), an animal known in mass culture in particular to appear in the Harry Potter saga, as a faithful companion of the famous wizard. As reported by various Iberian media, the sightings of these animals have aroused great amazement and interest from experts and bird enthusiasts, who flocked to the area of ​​Asturias and Cantabria to try to observe and immortalize them.

According to what was explained to the Spanish agency Efe by the ornithologist Juan Carlos Vázquez, it is in fact a type of bird that lives mainly in Canada or, in Europe, in areas close to the Arctic circle. Apparently, one of the three specimens was found in Cantabria about two weeks ago in poor health and died a short time. Two others were sighted in the following days.

How they got to Spain, where there are no sightings of the snowy owl prior to those of these days, is not clear. According to Vázquez, the birds of prey in question may have entered the sea and alighted on a ship to rest, then continuing their journey there.

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