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Animated movie “Lion Boy” released the ultimate trailer

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Original title: Animation movie “Lion Boy” released the ultimate trailer

Sohu Entertainment News. The domestically produced original realistic comedy animated film “Lion Boy” will be officially released on December 17, and has been opened recently. In the final trailer of “Fighting for Yourself” released today, the protagonist A Juan’s growth experience of “going to be a lion”: being laughed at but bravely chasing dreams, courageously moving forward “fighting for myself”, will be Gao While the enthusiasm was fully released, it also aroused the innocent heart of ordinary people who chased their dreams. The film tells the story of the passionate and inspirational growth story of left-behind teenager A Juan, who has a dream of lion dance, and his friends formed a lion dance team, breaking prejudice, turning against the wind and creating miracles.

In the whispered question of “Do you believe in miracles?”, the lone male protagonist, A Juan, wearing a red lion dance head, stood on the rooftop in a corner of the city building, recalling the ridicule he had received in the past. The early morning sun poured into the building, with the drumbeat rising gradually, with the belief of “going to be a lion”, the teenager was reborn from Nirvana and eventually became a “lion”. “Fighting for yourself” is not only A Juan’s voice facing her heart, but also a cry for all ordinary people who are brave enough to move forward. The film allows the audience to experience the high-burning blood atmosphere and the sadness of the low-level people at the same time. After the notice was released, netizens said that the clips were not enough to watch.

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As one of the few realistic comedy animated films, “Lion Boy” has profound spiritual connotations. The film starts from reality. Although the protagonist is a teenager, it does not tell about the growth of a thin individual teenager. Instead, it mirrors all ordinary people through the story of the rise of the teenager A Juan in a tortuous life, and carries out a true analysis of the little character’s psychology from, This arouses the emotional resonance of the public, conveys the concept that anyone can “become the lion in their own heart”, and encourages all ordinary people to bravely fight for their dreams.

On December 17, I walked into the movie theater and watched how the young man “hangs the clouds and sails to the sea when the wind breaks the waves,” and becomes the “lion” in his heart.Return to Sohu to see more


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