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“Argentina does not need a thought police” – Diario RÃo Negro

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“Argentina does not need a thought police” – Diario RÃo Negro

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniconfirmed this morning the “definitive closure” of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (Inadi). Now the Office of the President issued a statement listing the reasons why the Government of Javier Milei made the decision.

“During the electoral campaign, President Milei promised the Argentine people to end the overpopulation of public organizations, positions and companies financed by people’s hunger.†, begins by detailing the writing.

In that sense, it is indicated that the closure of Inadi “adds to the reduction of ministries, secretariats, directorates and coordinations throughout the national public sector.”

In another fragment of the statement, they stated that “The Argentine Republic does not need an organization that acts as a thought police to persecute opponentsTO”. Likewise, they detailed the figures that motivated the Government’s decision to close the institute: “$2,800,000,000 budget, $8,000,000 in rental expenses and more than 400 employees.”

Then, in line with what spokesperson Adorni said this morning, the text explains that of the “more than 400 employees” of Inadi “the plant has already been reduced to 355 in the first 2 months and will continue to withdraw from this decision†.

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