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ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR – unleash music video for new track “Walk With Us”

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ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR – unleash music video for new track “Walk With Us”

The Togolese metal quintet ARKA’N ASRAFOKORY releases “Walk With Us”, the first single from their upcoming second album.

The Togolese metal quintet ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR [Asrafocore = „Musik der Krieger“ („asrafo“ bedeutet in dessen Muttersprache „Krieger“)], which signed a record deal with Atomic Fire Records this year, is in the final stages of preparation before releasing its second album in 2024. So while the band is slowly getting going, they are already proudly presenting a new digital single entitled ‘Walk With Us’. With this she gives all metalheads a first glimpse of what they can expect musically and visually from the quintet. The driving new track, with which ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR would like to encourage you to join them on the road to the release of their new album, is now available on all major digital music portals, while there is also an accompanying music video on YouTube, directed by Enigma Shoot (Lomé, Togo, West Africa) has been put online.

Watch and listen to the track here:

The troupe comments: “A hand consists of five limbs and when they are clenched into a fist, they make you feel warmth, strength and power – exactly the qualities of a warrior. ‘Walk With Us’ is a wake-up call to the fighting spirit that lies within all of us to set ourselves on the path of justice, freedom and peace. The song awakens our inner determination to take new actions that may benefit humanity. Keep faith in what you are and can become. As band members, we always remind you: We are always there for you and won’t let anyone down.

The brutal sounding, wild guitar riff that spreads over the thundering bass… Unbridled percussion and drumming is conjured up… All of this happens here based on ancient spirituality, while the audible chants and shouts are a clear invitation to fist-raised headbanging with the ARKA ‘N-ASRAFOKOR warriors are. Comes with!”

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As already mentioned: This is just the beginning…!


Skirt Ahavi | Guitar, main vocals
Enrico Ahavi | Keyboard, growling and speaking vocals
Francis Amevo | Bass
Mass Aholou | Percussion
Richard Siko | Drums

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