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Astrology of the week: Explore the secrets of the heart (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang | Aquarius | Mercury | Pisces |

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Astrology of the week: Explore the secrets of the heart (Photos) Constellation | Fortune | Tang Qiyang | Aquarius | Mercury | Pisces |

This week’s horoscope Sun in Pisces: Explore the secrets of the heart. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What is the horoscope for the week of February 14-20?

sun in water bottle

First of all, when the sun is in Aquarius, I wonder if you have any plans? For example, the sun, especially this week is the last sprint, this means that everyone wants to go outside, people-to-people contact, shopping malls will be quite lively, or have you gone to the lantern festival? In this week, if there are many people, it is quite crowded!

Mercury enters Aquarius twice. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Next is Mercury. On Tuesday, February 15th, it will enter Aquarius for the second time, remember? Last month, it entered Aquarius for a time. At that time, it was said that this is a period when you communicate with the public. For example, it is very popular to speak on the Internet or you want to be an Internet celebrity. , To be a youtuber, this is the wish of young people, how about you? Do you have such public properties? Or you are in your circle, how are your relationships? Has anyone pulled you behind your back, reported you as bad news, or encountered sour people? The phenomenon of sour people used to make everyone very troubled, and they also felt that people’s hearts were sinister. Then this is the second time we have entered Aquarius again. We can observe this social phenomenon and think about how it affects us?

The Sun entered Pisces on February 19. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

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Sun in Pisces

The second great energy field is on Saturday, February 19, when the Sun enters Pisces. Of course, when the sun enters the constellation Pisces, it will be more obvious, especially now that Jupiter is also in it, so the energy field of Pisces is quite strong, it controls our subconscious, and also controls many invisible things, invisible things, Invisible corners are suddenly illuminated, so each of us has the opportunity to see many secrets and also see the secrets of our own hearts, so this time is also when we are immersed in the world of body and mind, or have a sense of self. More cognition, for example, it is easy for you to have a sudden feeling or feeling about a certain thing, and then you can find out that you hate this thing very much, and that this thing is so touching, and it is very touching to yourself. This is the best gift that Pisces Sun has given us.

Jupiter is also in Pisces. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What about the impact on individual constellations?

Occupation: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius

Aries students, please pay attention, it is quite easy to have disputes with others, in fact, those disputes are all from intolerable, or you have been suppressed for too long, then you might as well say it, I actually think it is a good thing, Let others know more about what you want.

Friends of the Taurus constellation are actually in this week’s work, if you have promotion luck, then your noble person is a woman in the workplace, a female officer or an elder, they should know your strengths quite well, listen to their opinions!

Libra constellation friends are different from Taurus. Your noble person is a male elder, and even his speech may be a bit mean and locomotive type, but it is because of this that everyone can communicate directly and be straightforward.

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Friends of Sagittarius, in your career and work, have you been thinking about starting a new business, or doing something that you can control? Recently, this kind of idea is very special and very strong, so this is also the trend of fortune, you might as well try it out .

Love: Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Friends of the zodiac sign of Virgo, really turn one eye and close one eye when it comes to relationships. Sometimes it is better to make relationships successful. I don’t mean to endure that kind of marital infidelity or emotional infidelity, what I said It is to open one eye and close one eye to the details of life.

Friends of Scorpio constellation sometimes see the truth in adversity, but because of some situations and events, there is a little feeling between you, oh! The other party seems to be very good, the feeling of a hero saving beauty, whether you save him or he saves you.

Friends of the Capricorn constellation, your feelings come from your showing your warmth, so obviously you are passionate inside, don’t be too poker-faced outside, show it in time, show it gently, and don’t be too much in one breath. thirty-eight,

Friends of Pisces constellation, this peach blossom luck should be bursting recently! Whether it was introduced to you by someone, or suddenly a bunch of people rushed over without knowing why, let’s see how to do it.

Money: Gemini, Cancer

Gemini friends need to take care of their financial management a little bit, check the account book, and then check the bank deposit, so as to prevent this from happening unknowingly, and each transaction must be managed by hand.

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Friends of Cancer constellation should be in the trend of dilemma recently, that is, maybe you have cross-border, two jobs, and then which of the two jobs should be the main one? You are currently wandering, and you are comparing which one is more profitable!

Health: lion, water bottle

Leo friends, in fact, in terms of health, you are too busy, and then you spend too much brains, many things can not be done, ask others for help at the right time, otherwise, you will not sleep well or suffer from neurasthenia. It starts to affect physiology.

Friends of Aquarius, there are a few things to be careful about recently. The first thing is that you still have a bad stomach. How bad is your stomach? Then the second is that small problems can become big problems, so this is a critical moment, you must take good care of your body and mind.

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