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Ayunga’s “City of Philharmonic” empathizes with the dedication behind the warm attention of musical actors jqknews

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Ayunga’s “City of Philharmonic” empathizes with the dedication behind the warm attention of musical actors jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn On April 9, the second stage of the musical “City of Philharmonic”, a cultural promotion program for the entire industry chain created by Dragon TV, opened. Ayunga is wearing a classic combination of black shirts and trousers, with a brick gold splashed ink flower coat, and the retro palace style adds a fashionable atmosphere. In the four sets of musical performances, in addition to continuing to encourage and support the actors from a professional point of view, Ayunga also showed super empathy. For the first time, he mentioned the current situation of young musical actors and tried his best to promote and publicize them from multiple levels. musical.

At the end of the first round of competition performances, “The City of Philharmonic” ushered in a new mechanism – actors paired with each other, bringing one-to-one confrontation with the same play and role. Facing actors in the same industry, Ayunga constantly encouraged newcomers and commented with heart, and the scene was warm. The first to present is “Rebecca” from the German classic musical “Butterfly Dream”. Body language and expression interpretation, especially newcomers who dare to challenge classics with zero experience, Ayunga constantly said that the beauty of the stage is very moving.

Ayunga’s “City of Philharmonic” pays attention to the warm attention

The second performance was the French musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. The combination of opera and popular singing showed the two different characters of the bard vividly. The perfect performance of the stage is inseparable from the hard work behind the actors. With all the helpers immersed in this wonderful performance, Ayunga sympathetically mentioned Ye Qisheng’s story of chasing his dreams, and intimately encouraged the other party to open up and tell his own story. “Behind the Scenes”. Ayunga’s delicate description of the actors in musicals made more audiences notice the actors’ unknown experiences outside the play, and netizens also sighed, “There is a lot of light on the stage, and countless sweats are paid off the stage, I believe that Ayunga also There should be an experience of empathy, so I hope more people will understand the hard work and perseverance of the actors.” “It is a very happy thing to be able to adhere to the dream. In the past few years, musicals have developed further, and they are promoting and persevering. In terms of publicity, Ayunga has really done a good job.” Other newcomers who also dared to perform in the hit song “Rock Mozart”, despite their flaws in their performances, Ayunga kept encouraging them to say that they were a big surprise.

Ayunga’s review of “The City of Philharmonic” has done his homework

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The last performance of “Memory”, as a Broadway classic, helped people to have a heated discussion on the details of the stage. As for the performance techniques and singing styles of the two actors, A Yunga, who had done her homework, said bluntly from the performance point of view. The seriousness: “Actually, if you listen carefully, you can feel that the actors are adjusting their voices, one using the chest cavity and the other using the breath, both to find a sense of age that is more suitable for the role. I think both actors are preparing for this role. Yes, it was very touching.”

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