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Bewitcher – Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves – Album Review

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Bewitcher – Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves – Album Review

Bewitcher – Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves
Origin: Portland / USA
Release: 17.11.2023
Label: Century Media Records
Duration: 01:05:28
Genre: Black / Thrash / Speed Metal

Foto Credit: Courtney Brook @Light_Witch

Have been for ten years Bewitcher active and mainly on the stages of the USA. In addition to the tireless performances, the band has released three albums and, as is usual in the industry, released many other releases such as demo tapes, singles and compilations.

The band’s popularity has steadily grown and so there is Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves now a kind of interim conclusion on the way up. But the current release is not a best-of record with well-known material, but rather a useful addition to the record cabinet. In addition to a few new bites, there are all sorts of sought-after recordings that you either got hold of years ago or, like most of us, have only been able to listen to on YouTube.

Rares from the demo cabinet

In addition to the first three songs, which are new recordings, the majority are old and long-out-of-print material from tapes. Only very few will get the original demos or the tape, which is limited to a hundred copies Grand Rites of the Wicked own. The songs come from this compilation from 2015 In the Sign of the Goat and Hedgerider. Therefore, in view of the demand, it is necessary to make the old material available to the fans in a newly processed form.

Black high-speed music

Before we put the origins of the old recordings on the dissecting table, let’s first turn to the start of the album. Both at Manifesting Darknessthat you HERE you can listen to, as well as at Our Lady of Speed, there is the band’s typical black-tinged high-speed music. The songs are played quickly and sung raucously. It’s made for the stage because you can feel the sweat and the songs are simple and infectious.

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On the third number Bastard it is a Mötley Crüe Cover that shows its musical origins. Nevertheless, a dirty version was formed from the dirty original, which is really fun, even if you are different from the actual style due to the polyphonic choirs in the chorus Bewitcher differs.

Old doesn’t automatically mean bad

What follows is a blessing for everyone who joined the band late and doesn’t have all the demo material from the early years. The demo tapes are arranged backwards in time Midnight Hunters from 2015, as well Wild Blasphemy and Satanic Panic from 2013.

The sound quality of the recordings prove that demos don’t necessarily have to sound bad. On the contrary, the unpolished nature fits perfectly with the fast and thrashy material Bewitcher. So there is no reason to shy away from the old recordings, as you can HERE at programmatic Speed ‘Til You Bleed can listen.

The compilation Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves has over an hour of playing time and is available from today, November 17th, 2023, on both CD and vinyl.

It’s one hundred percent correct an album like Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves to publish. It offers the chance to hear the long-out-of-print tapes from the past years in a compact format. That there is also new material from Bewitcher exists, only makes everything better. 8 / 10

Line Up
M. von Bewitcher – vocals, guitar
A. Hunter – drums, percussion instruments
A. Magus – Bass, Hintergrundgesang

01. Manifesting Darkness
02. Our Lady of Speed
03. Bastard
04. Speed ‘Til You Bleed (Midnight Hunters Demo 2015)
05. Midnight Hunters (Midnight Hunters Demo 2015)
06. Rome is on Fire (Midnight Hunters Demo 2015)
07. Wild Blasphemy (Wild Blasphemy Demo 2013)
08. Rebellion at the Gates of Heaven (Wild Blasphemy Demo 2013)
09. Black Speed Delirium (Wild Blasphemy Demo 2013)
10. Trial of Swords (Wild Blasphemy Demo 2013)
11. Bewitcher (Satanic Panic Demo 2013)
12. Sin is in Her Blood (Satanic Panic Demo 2013)
13. In the Night (Satanic Panic Demo 2013)
14. Harlots of Hel (Demo 2014)
15. Hot Nights, Red Lights (Demo 2014)
16. In the Sign of the Goat (Demo 2015)
17. Hedgerider (Demo 2015)

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