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Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’ Concert Film Breaks Box Office Records

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Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’ Concert Film Breaks Box Office Records

Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’ Film Sets Box Office Record with $123.5 Million Gross

The highly anticipated premiere of Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’, the film adaptation of the pop star’s international concert tour, has taken cinemas by storm around the globe. This concert film has achieved the best opening weekend at the box office in history, surpassing all expectations.

According to AMC Theaters, the distributor of the film, Taylor Swift’s documentary has grossed an impressive $123.5 million worldwide in its first days of release. The film generated $92.8 million in the United States alone, with an additional $30.7 million from screenings in over 4,500 theaters across 94 countries.

Breaking new ground, the 33-year-old artist has captivated audiences with the film inspired by her iconic ‘The Eras Tour’. This tour represents a monumental achievement in her 17-year career, and the film showcases her journey with stunning visuals and electrifying performances.

Even before its release, the screening announcement for Swift’s film had already made history in terms of ticket sales. The pre-sales alone reached an astounding $100 million. Additionally, the self-produced film by Taylor Swift has quickly topped the charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, according to AMC Theaters.

Peru is no exception to the ‘swiftie’ fever. Fans of the artist, affectionately known as ‘swifties’, bought out the pre-sale tickets for the film in Peruvian cinemas. On October 13, the film’s official premiere, Cinemark, Cineplanet, and Cinépolis theaters were joyous celebrations, as fans immersed themselves in the film as if it were a live Taylor Swift concert. They danced, sang, jumped, and adorned themselves in thematic clothing inspired by her songs. Social media platforms are filled with videos capturing the energetic atmosphere and the swapping of ‘friendship bracelets’, a cherished tradition among ‘swifties’ during concerts.

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The massive turnout for the film in Peru reflects the enormous popularity of Taylor Swift. Whether due to fans’ yearning to experience her ‘The Eras Tour’ live this year, which excluded Peru, or simply due to her immense popularity as one of the most beloved and listened-to female artists of today, expectations were sky-high. On the film’s first day of release alone, approximately 22,000 tickets were sold in Peru, according to Diana López Chui, the marketing manager of Cinemark.

The film’s success continued throughout its debut weekend, with a total of 43,000 tickets sold between Friday and Sunday. Cinemark, one of the three cinema chains presenting the film, captured 43% of the audience eager to witness ‘The Eras Tour’.

Recognizing the demand from ‘swifties’, 222 screens were initially allocated for the film’s release nationwide. Cinemark has planned to continue screening the concert film for an additional three weekends, from Thursday to Sunday, ensuring fans get the opportunity to experience this blockbuster event on the big screen. In preparation for the premiere, the cinema chains even created branded combos, with Cinemark offering an official movie combo featuring a barrel and a glass branded with the film’s poster. The combo sold out during the first weekend, but additional glasses will be available for fans starting from Thursday the 19th.

López Chui emphasizes that while the film’s auspicious start should not be compared to commercial blockbusters, as it caters to a more specific audience of Taylor Swift fans, it represents an incredible opportunity to diversify cinema content and offer unique experiences beyond traditional movie screenings.

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has already shattered records, surpassing the previous highest-grossing concert film, This Is It, which documented Michael Jackson’s last days and rehearsals for his ill-fated concerts in 2009, grossing $74.25 million.

The overwhelming success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film further cements her status as a global superstar, beloved by millions of fans worldwide.

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