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By car with our dog. The importance of a few rules

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ROME – Traveling by car in complete comfort and tranquility with your four-legged friend is simple and safe, just follow a few rules. This is demonstrated by Ford, an automotive brand attentive to the pet world, and Harmonia which, in addition to dog education aimed at dogs, also aims to educate and sensitize owners, providing them with useful advice and practical indications to be applied in everyday life. Under the slogan “Attentive owner, happy dog”, the two companies launched the social campaign “#inviaggioconford” which saw the dog Rudy, a nice nine-year-old Jack Russell together with his owner Alessandro Rossi, co-founder of Harmonia , spend a holiday around Campania. For the initiative, which had the aim of showing how easy it is to travel in safety and comfort with a four-legged friend, Ford Italy has made available the new SUV Kuga Full Hybrid Awd.

“Together with Ford we have chosen to show a holiday with your four legs, knowing that it will help those who unfortunately see their dog as an obstacle to being able to travel – underlined Alessandro Rossi, co-founder of Harmonia – and also to those who simply he wants to know what his pet really needs. Showing how you can travel with your pet will open the eyes of those who see abandonment as the only remedy. A kennel (cage) for medium-large dogs has been housed in the trunk of the Kuga. We did it to show how even with larger dogs, 5 people can still travel by storing the luggage next to the kennel “.

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Furthermore, the versatility of the Kuga allows the row of rear seats to be moved forward a few centimeters or to modify the inclination of the backrest, thus preserving normal habitability. “I want to remember that the kennel is the safest method to travel by car with the dog – added Fabio Dellisanti, co-founder of Harmonia – People are often too sure of their driving, suffer a rear-end collision even at 40 km / h it can cause serious consequences to your four legs if it travels on the seats or anchored to the seat belts or free in the trunk. The kennel, on the other hand, following authoritative crash tests, proved to be the best way to preserve the safety of your pet in the car ”. The Ford smartphone app also contributes to making the trip more pet-friendly, which allows you to turn on the car remotely to cool it via the air conditioner, a solution that has proved particularly useful with the high temperatures recorded in recent months. (maurilio rigo)


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