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Challenged the villain Lin Feng in Dragon TV’s “Ordinary”: I was abused by “Dad” Zhang Guoli_季平_visitor_郑恺

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Original title: Challenge the villain Lin Feng in Dragon TV’s “Ordinary”: I was abused by “Dad” Zhang Guoli

Produced by Gao Qunshu, directed by Han Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Zhang Guoli, Lin Feng, Chong Danni, specially starring Lu Liang, Lin Xue, and co-starring Tang Mengjia, Guo Yunqi, etc. The suspenseful criminal investigation drama “Also Ordinary” is on Dragon TV Two episodes are broadcast every night at 19:30. This drama is another TV drama that SMG has tried to broadcast on large and small screens after in-depth implementation of an all-media strategy with “BesTV + streaming media video platform” as its core product.

“Also Ordinary” uses the hot-blooded detective Ji Fan to uncover the truth of the serial murder case as a clue, and involves an old case 27 years ago, and many people are deeply in the mist. Two years ago, Lin Feng subverted the psychologically distorted villain Cao Yuanyuan in “Anti-Corruption Storm 4”, which is still fresh in memory. This time, he once again appeared in the role of both righteous and evil in the new drama, which made many viewers who are accustomed to watching TVB dramas shine. Recently, Lin Feng accepted a group interview with the national media WeChat organized by Dragon TV to analyze the characteristics of the characters, chat about the filming process, and share his life insights.

Enjoy acting as a villain: there are no small roles, only small actors

In “Also Ordinary”, Ji Fan (played by Zheng Kai) is a hot-blooded criminal policeman. When pursuing a serial homicide, he discovered that the case was actually related to his brother Ji Ping (played by Lin Feng), general manager of Sifang Logistics Group, and his father, Ji Tingshan (Zhang Guoli). (Decoration) Related, an old case from 27 years ago has surfaced. Ji Ping is proficient in criminal investigation skills and criminal psychology. He is good at disguising disguise and has first-rate anti-reconnaissance ability. On the surface, he is a social elite with introverted calm and outstanding ability. In fact, his city is extremely deep, dark-bellied and calm, and his words are not leaking. In the premiere episode, the moment Ji Ping took off his human skin mask and showed cold eyes, it made many viewers feel terrified.

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In the play, Ji Ping has multiple faces. He is not only a determined entrepreneur, a brother who protects his brothers sincerely, but also a tool man who is slaughtered by his “father” and helps him complete his “great cause”. Ji Ping was abused by Ji Tingshan and repeatedly wrestled and confronted him, but he still lost the battle. Talking about the experience of being abused in the play, Lin Feng said with emotion: “It seems that in recent years, the production team particularly likes to arrange for me to play some abused roles. I was reasonably abused according to the plot requirements, adding more levels to the characters and making the audience believe in talent. most important.”

Zheng Kai said frankly in the interview that he is confident of Lin Feng’s role in controlling both righteous and evil. Lin Feng said: “I used to look for roles and rhythms I’m familiar with to perform, but gradually I found that it would be boring if I didn’t make changes. The greatest enjoyment of actors is to try the lives of different roles. In recent years, I have enjoyed acting a lot. Some villainous characters have a lot of room to play and act well.” He believes that whether you are playing a decent role or a villain, you must let the audience have a sense of substitution. As an actor, the role must be fulfilled in the film and television drama. There is a role, “there are no small roles, only small actors”.

The shooting is very happy: Kai Kai and I are more naive privately

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In life, Lin Feng and Zheng Kai are also good brothers. When they contacted before, they agreed to “cooperate if there is a chance”. This time, the opportunity finally came! Lin Feng said: “I really want to thank Kai Kai for being able to play this play. I also have the opportunity to learn from Zhang Guoli and Lu Liang.” Lin Feng said frankly that the two seniors brought him his father. It feels so amiable, “very humorous, and the shooting atmosphere is particularly good.”

In the first half of the plot of “Also Ordinary”, the two brothers Ji Fan and Ji Ping often quarreled: they not only played basketball together, quarreled with each other, but also made naive actions such as dusting flour. Lin Feng joked: “I have a more childish picture with Kai Kai privately, and the atmosphere on the scene is very happy.” He also explained the reason: “The main storyline is driven by a heavy case, so the auxiliary storyline needs to balance the atmosphere, if it is too tight , The audience will be breathless. Therefore, we made subtle adjustments in the interaction to make the drama more tension.”

Many people’s initial impression of Lin Feng is that of TVB’s niche. In recent years, he has frequently appeared in mainland film and television dramas. Talking about the different feelings of filming in the two places, Lin Feng said: “The difference is not big, mainly to adjust the rhythm of the performance. In the past, I used to speak Cantonese lines in Hong Kong dramas, and the rhythm and stress were different from those in Mandarin. But I also speak Mandarin. Quickly adapt.”

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Life is very sweet: my daughter will now tell me “Oli to”

In recent years, Lin Feng has been experimenting with different types of film and television works: “Shen Lixing” in “Six Doors”, “Cao Yuanyuan” in “Anti-Corruption Storm 4”, “Xue Jiaqiang” in “Apostle Walker 3”, and “Stars in the Sea” The characters such as “Fang Hengzhi” left a deep impression on the audience. He said: “I never position myself, actors have to try more within their own abilities and images, otherwise they will stagnate. I have been filming for two or three years and look forward to bringing surprises to the audience.”

In recent years, Lin Feng’s personal life has also ushered in a great leap. At the end of 2019, he married Zhang Xinyue, and then the two ushered in the crystallization of love. Lin Feng discovered the changes after having a family: “Every time I finish work now, I want to go home to see my wife and daughter as soon as possible. I am more motivated and more focused.” He happily shared with everyone: ” My daughter will tell me now,’Oli give it’.”

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