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Chinese Zodiac Fortune: Taboos and Lucky Colors for July 16, 2023

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Chinese Zodiac Fortune: Taboos and Lucky Colors for July 16, 2023

News Article: Chinese Zodiac Fortune Predictions for July 16, 2023: Inauspicious Day for Snakes

Sunday, July 16, 2023 – The White Dragon King Studio Lunar May 29th predicts the Chinese zodiac fortune for today. However, Snake individuals need to be cautious as it is not considered a suitable day for important tasks and require extra care when heading west.

According to the White Dragon King Studio, each zodiac sign has specific predictions for the day. Here’s what the stars have in store:

Rat: Rats are born with a harmonious and cooperative energy today, leading to good luck in their careers.

Ox: The day brings an opportunity for the Ox zodiac to adjust their mentality, stay calm, and welcome good luck.

Tiger: Both physically and mentally, Tigers will experience happiness today, leading to auspicious outcomes in their endeavors.

Rabbit: Triads of auspicious stars are aligned for Rabbits, indicating favorable social gatherings and successful planning.

Dragon: For Dragons, it is essential to grasp key points and promote their strengths, as success is within easy reach.

Snake: The advice for Snakes today is to relieve stress, stay calm, and avoid rushing into decisions.

Horse: Horses are advised to remain calm and adopt clear thinking. Planning and strategizing will help them navigate the day effectively.

Sheep: Communication and cooperation will prove fruitful for Sheep individuals. Learning from others will enhance their skills.

Monkey: Monkeys must stay rational and prepared for any potential dangers. A composed attitude will ensure smooth progress in tasks.

Rooster: Ruled by prosperity, Roosters are encouraged to work hard and make reasonable arrangements, leading to success.

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Dog: Dogs should set clear goals, seize opportunities, and stand out from the competition.

Pig: Pigs are advised to stay rational and objective, focusing on their own business rather than creating unnecessary troubles.

Furthermore, the White Dragon King Studio provides lucky colors for the day. Green, cyan, and other wood-related shades are considered beneficial. As water nurtures wood, these colors are believed to attract favorable outcomes and create a happy and relaxed environment.

Additionally, black, dark blue, and dark gray are considered second auspicious colors. These shades, representing water, are said to facilitate the formation of new friendships and encourage cooperation for mutual gains.

On the other hand, individuals wearing yellow, brown, brownish, and khaki colors may find the day to be tiring but rewarding. These earthy shades, combined with water elements, signify hard work leading to fruitful results.

In conclusion, the White Dragon King Studio emphasizes the importance of treating others with kindness and leaving room for understanding. Opening doors of opportunities for others may result in reciprocal benefits. Therefore, individuals are urged to approach all matters with empathy and consider their own well-being while fostering an environment for others to thrive.

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