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Construction Worker Meets Idol Lang Lang: A Joyous Spring Festival Gala Surprise

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Lao Yi and Lang Lang Meet in Shenyang

On the evening of January 30, the temperature was over minus 20 degrees Celsius in Shenyang. Construction worker Lao Yi finally met his idol Lang Lang, with their hands tightly held together! The meeting was made possible by the surprise success of the “Spring Festival Gala Waiting for You” series, which was unexpected.

The smiling Lao Yi looked a little embarrassed as he met Lang Lang, who greeted him warmly and humorously asked if he had eaten pickled vegetables. Lang Lang then complimented Lao Yi’s strong hands and listened as Lao Yi played a song, “Butterfly Lovers.” Lang Lang responded with applause, approving of Lao Yi’s performance and also providing valuable advice to help improve his playing.

In a touching moment before they parted ways, Lang Lang presented his piano album to Lao Yi with a personal inscription, expressing his wish for Lao Yi’s continued improvement in piano practice. Lao Yi, overcome with joy, expressed his happiness at the gift from Lang Lang.

This heartwarming story began on January 19 when Lao Yi, a construction worker, received an invitation letter from the main station’s “Spring Festival Gala Waiting for You” series. With the help of enthusiastic netizens, Lang Lang was quickly made aware of Lao Yi’s dream of meeting him, and the two were able to meet in Shenyang.

For Lao Yi, the journey to realizing his dream of meeting Lang Lang and receiving guidance from his idol has been an unexpected but sweet one. It all began in Shenzhen in 2023, when Lao Yi’s street piano performance captured the hearts of netizens across the country, leading to his invitation to watch the Spring Festival Gala and receive guidance from Lang Lang.

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Throughout his journey, Lao Yi has remained a symbol of perseverance and hope for many. As he enjoys the bittersweet experience of visiting Beijing for the first time and embarking on his “Spring Festival Gala Tour,” Lao Yi continues to inspire others with his love for music and his unwavering pursuit of his dreams.

As Lao Yi’s journey continues, his story serves as a reminder of the power of determination and the unexpected joy that comes from realizing one’s dreams. It is a tale that has captured the hearts of people across the nation, proving that ordinary individuals like Lao Yi can shine bright when given the opportunity to pursue their passions.

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