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Creating Happiness: The Impact of Jin Fei and Chen Xi’s Crosstalk on the Spring Festival Gala

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Crosstalk “Director’s Minds” Brings Happiness to the Spring Festival Gala

The Spring Festival Gala, known for its entertainment and cultural significance, once again showcased the talents of crosstalk actors Jin Fei and Chen Xi. Their performance of “Such a Parent” in 2021 resonated with a wide audience, and this year, they brought another group cross talk titled “Director’s Minds,” which touched on the current workplace environment and mental health issues.

At the 2024 Spring Festival Gala, Jin Fei and Chen Xi shared their insights into the creation of “Director’s Minds” and their intent behind the performance. Jin Fei emphasized that their original intention was not to have a group chat, and the show was initially designed as a synchronized version. However, during the creative process, they realized that incorporating a group chat format would make the show more effective.

The crosstalk actors also highlighted the relevance of mental health issues, emphasizing that internal friction is a concern for all generations, including children. They aimed to convey an implicit appeal and a reminder of love through their performance, with the hope of creating happiness for the audience.

Sun Bin, director of the language group of China Central Radio and Television’s “2024 Spring Festival Gala,” expressed his aspirations for the event, stating, “I hope to create and produce as much happiness as possible, and do my best in every work.”

Jin Fei and Chen Xi, popularly known as “Jin Fei Xi Bi,” believe in the authenticity and resonance of their performances. They understand the challenges of presenting cross talk on a grand stage but remain dedicated to delivering relatable and polished content for the audience.

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Their commitment to the art of cross talk extends beyond the Spring Festival Gala, as they previously embarked on a national tour to showcase their talent and connect with a broader audience. They discussed the evolving entertainment landscape and the need to continuously explore and refine their craft to ensure audience satisfaction and enjoyment.

As the Spring Festival Gala aims to usher in joy and celebration for the New Year, Jin Fei and Chen Xi’s “Director’s Minds” serves as a testament to the transformative power of cross talk and its ability to bring happiness to the evening of thirty children and audiences of all ages.

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