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Cyber ​​security, investments by Italian companies grew by 134%

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Cybersecurity investments by Italian companies have more than doubled. This is what emerges from the Twt survey according to which spending in the sector grew by 134% with 87% of Italian companies using cyber security services: 61%, however, only started using them in the last year. .

With the pandemic, in fact, even the landscape of cyber attacks has reached levels never seen before and companies are aware of this and have run for cover to protect themselves from attacks and threats coming from the web that are increasingly frequent and numerous.

This is also evidenced by the data in the possession of the Postal Police according to which in 2020 alone cyber attacks in Italy increased by 246%. The increase in cyber attacks is also due, in particular, to the sudden and widespread spread of smart working in an unsafe way and the use of personal devices and home networks that have actually increased the attack options available to them.

Meanwhile, according to the latest report by the Interior Ministry on crime, in the first half of 2021 there were 800 cyber crimes a day: data from which it emerges that Italy is among the most affected countries in the world.

From the research carried out, it is perceived that Italian companies are aware of the importance of adopting cyber security systems, also because the digital transition requires advanced and easy-to-use infrastructures and services. The survey shows that 90% of Italian companies have a medium-high level of knowledge of cyber security issues. Very few (10%) companies claim to have low knowledge. The issue of cyber security, therefore, is kept very much in mind and arouses interest in the culture of medium-large Italian companies which therefore know the risks to be avoided and the measures that must be adopted to keep a high guard against these threats.

To develop cyber security services, companies mostly use external figures (69%), less than a third (31%) use internal figures: in the event of an attack or threat to the security system, the question remains about how much responsibility it would be. of the service provider and how much of the company. For 18% it would be totally the responsibility of third parties and only for 3% it would be totally internal responsibility, while for the great majority of the interviewees (79%), it would be necessary to evaluate individual cases and in any case the responsibility could lie with both parties.

«The battle for the containment of the cyber threat has now exploded, as the news episodes report more and more frequently – revealed Emanuele Bergamo, Chief IT & Innovation Officer of Twt – The figure of the hacker has completed the transition towards a criminal method. It is imperative for every C-level in the industry to share the sense of urgency in drastically reducing the internal and external attack surface of their organization by allocating adequate investments. Taking care of it is an integral part of the business ».

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