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DONOTTAG 2022/2023 fashion creative show opens a new chapter of fashion with stars working together – Qianlong.com.cn

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DONOTTAG 2022/2023 fashion creative show opens a new chapter of fashion with stars working together – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: DONOTTAG 2022/2023 fashion show opens a new chapter of fashion with stars working together

On September 30, Beijing time, as the closing show of Shanghai Fashion Week, DONOTTAG, the brand in charge of Han Huohuo, presented a new series of creative fashion show “THE URBAN AFTER PARTY”, bringing a new fashion trend.

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Implementing the gender-neutral concept of the brand Unisex, the brand manager Han Huohuo and the design team carefully planned this big show, striving to convey their inner strength through each piece of clothing, and to construct a new community of light sports power youth in the contemporary social environment .

At the big show, the “THE URBAN AFTER PARTY” series also used the meaning of “aesthetic re-creation” to continue the brand’s concept of putting styling first, creating a vision of extreme conflicts and contradictions; using Handmade’s handmade warmth, Remake is environmentally friendly and classic, borrowing Modern technology means to reshape the classic meaning.

In this series, a large number of retro denim, suede brown, mocha, lava flow red, self-developed original patterns, hippie contrasting colors and basic colors are used in the clothing color system. At the same time, wool is also widely used Weaving hand hook text/wool bottom embroidery/multi-layer chain embroidery/flocking sequin embroidery and other reconstructed special crafts, with highly modern design methods, feedback the free lifestyle of young people in the new era. In this fashion utopia belonging to youth, I hope everyone can find their own style carrier.

Adhering to the concept of “classless fashion collective”, there is no inherent design language to keenly capture advanced trends, including different voice needs to be close to real consumer groups. In this big show, Converse and DONOTTAG also joined forces to create the official cooperation show of Chuck 70 Plus with a new design vision. The heavy industrial style rivet elements are used in the toe cap, and the personalized punk design that “breaks the norm” is implemented. The hand-painted LOGO and wool shoelaces inject soft energy, bringing a great visual impact of conflict and contradiction to the public. The spliced ​​70Plus shoes are a reinterpretation of the classic Chuck70 shoes. The new processing design of DONOTTAG brings a deeper artistic interpretation to the classic from the perspective of external designers.

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In addition, this big show is still crowded and star-studded, with many celebrity friends and fashion celebrities in the circle coming to help out. At the release site of the DONOTTAG brand 2022/2023 series of big shows, singers Li Daben and Wan Nida (in no particular order) sang and ignited the atmosphere of the scene and set off an upsurge.

With the music atmosphere of hip-hop, Zheng Xiyi, Song Yanfei, Zhang Xueying, Xilinnayi Gao, Huang Minghao, Lu Keran (in no particular order) and other star friends came to help out and support the show in person, and walked on the runway as models. Detonate the whole network attention.

Star friends such as Miriam Yeung, Michelle Chen, Li Sidani, and Cheng Xiao (in no particular order) also attended the scene to jointly open this “THE URBAN AFTER PARTY” aesthetic and fashionable journey.

In this diversified era, the DO NOT TAG brand has always focused on creating unique and fashionable daily clothes for modern young people with the concept of high cost-effectiveness, defining style with simplicity, and taking off its own inherent labels. Express your personal style outside the frame, allowing more people to open up unlimited wearing possibilities. Through this “THE URBAN AFTER PARTY” creative fashion show, we can once again see the brand power and influence of DO NOT TAG.

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