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Douban 9.2 | “I feel the world is so beautiful, and it will continue to be so beautiful”_Ritter_Child_Spy

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Douban 9.2 | “I feel the world is so beautiful, and it will continue to be so beautiful”_Ritter_Child_Spy

Original title: Douban 9.2 | “I feel that the world is so beautiful, and it will continue to be so beautiful”

You will teach your children that dreams must come true, even if you look out of place in the eyes of others?

During the growth of children, parents will have a lot of confusion. In fact, children also face many problems and challenges, and even face many problems that are difficult to solve in the adult world. “Little Spy Harriet”The protagonist of this book also encountered some difficult problems, how did she face and solve them?

Writer, translator, senior children’s reading promoter Ah JiaIn the article “Identify Your Difference”, he wrote: “In this work, we don’t read the image of a ‘perfect child’, but instead meet a little protagonist who seems spoiled, self-righteous, and often rude, and this kind of story feels very real. And when we understand and identify with Harriet, we may also find that her narcissism is not entirely unreasonable, because she is indeed very cute, and identifying with her also largely means identifying with our own uniqueness. When the reader accepts Harriet and himself with relief, it is likely to resonate with Harriet, who finally came to the river for a walk: ‘It feels like the world is so beautiful, and it will always be so. ‘”

October 5, 2022 is the 94th birthday of Louise Fitzhugh, the author of “Little Spy Harriet”. The editor hereby introduces the author to you, walks into the world of children, and thinks about education.

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In 1928, author Louis Fitzius was born in Tennessee. Due to the divorce of her parents, her childhood was mostly spent in loneliness. It was this childhood experience that created her sensitive heart.

✦ Lewis Fitzroy ✦

Lewis Fitzroy’s 1964 book “Harriet the Spy” was her novel debut Landmark works of American children’s literature“, has influenced the creation of American children’s literature for ten years and has been translated into dozens of languages. selectedNew York Public Library’s “100 Great Children’s Books of the Century”, Amazon’s “World‘s 50 Children’s Books of the 20th Century” list, etc.

The girl Harriet has become a classic in children’s literature, and has been adapted into popular films several times (1996’s “Big Spy” and 2010’s “Little Spy: Blog Wars”, 2021 Apple TV also released the Harriet the Spy cartoon).


“New Realism” style

Can easily resonate with children

Harriet is a bit domineering and self-righteous girl. Such an imperfect image has captured the hearts of countless children, and thus opened up American children’s literature. “New Realism”style of writing.

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Harriet in the story aspires to be a writer.

“If you want to be a writer, the best thing you can do is to write down everything and everything you see,” advises her nanny, Goryeo. So now and then, she changes into her spy outfit — black-framed glasses and Jeans and a well-worn red hoodie, quietly ‘spy’ on the lives of the people around them, and then write down the words and deeds of the adults and classmates observed on the road in the notebook, and also add sharp comments .

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Harriet’s notes are particularly resonant with children.For example, after voting in a class president election, Harriet wrote in his diary:

“Don’t the teachers think it’s a little weird? It’s been five years! Me, Spot and Jenny haven’t been elected once.”

Also complain about her friend’s dress:

“Spot’s clothes are always funny. His dad never buys him clothes because his mom runs away with all the money.”

It is such a written record, which is both lively and humorous, and makes people laugh…

Hand-drawn illustrations by the author included in the book Little Spy Harriet

Unfortunately, Harriet accidentally lost the notebook, and the classmates saw the real but offensive text in the notebook.

As a result, Harriet caused a “war” between herself and her classmates. The classmates began to target her, and she began to resist stubbornly…

How should she face her classmates?

How can I repair my friendship with my classmates?

Author Louis Fitz revised to be exact Grasp the psychology of children of this age group and describe the complex interpersonal relationships in the school. Every child of the same age group can feel a strong resonance in reading

It was also this loss of the notebook that Harriet encountered a problem that the writer had to face: How can writers accept themselves and stay true to their own feelings without offending others?

Harriet lies on the window to carry out ‘espionage’, nanny Koryo

Harriet records her thoughts and comments about people and things in her family, town, and school in her private notes, revealing between the lines her love of writing.

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But her “love” became the fuse of being bullied, and Harriet was painful and sad in the middle of the night. Until nanny Goryeo suggested: “Write to fill the world with love, not to deal with your friends. But always tell the truth to yourself.”Harriet made the brave attempt and eventually reconciled with his friend.

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“Little Spy Harriet”

Written by: Louis Fitzius

Yilin Press

“Little Spy Harriet” is a rare children’s book that discusses character education. This book reminds us that more important than the pursuit of intelligence is: Be a loving, warm and considerate child.On this basis, skills education is meaningful.

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