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Double Review: Reino Glutberg – “PONR” / “BBBBarbara”

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Double Review: Reino Glutberg – “PONR” / “BBBBarbara”

Reino Glutberg is back with a new double single PONR / BBBBarbara and a new sound.


MIt the Song PONR the Burgenland songwriter reminds us of the inner bastard that prevents one from exceeding one’s own limits and sings about the uncertainty of life. The western guitar makes room for the reverberating electric guitar, which provides noise and emotion. This new genre creation is called “garage folk rock”. Produced in a complex way.


BBBBarbara tells of a childhood heroine. The nostalgia and memories of youth in the country resonate strongly, as in Glutberg’s previous work.

The onomatopoeically titled “BBBBarbara” has more oomph. Has really addictive potential. Everything a good single needs. The chorus has the perfect melodic motif-variation-repetition sequence. The reverberating lead guitar in the intro and the intermediate parts is based on the vocal melody. A real hit! A pop song. Just over the 3-minute mark. I always listen to it at least twice in a row.

The album for the double single PONR / BBBBarbara will be released on HASN Music in early 2024.

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