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DYECREST – Once I Had A Heart

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DYECREST – Once I Had A Heart

Once I Had A Heart
(Power Metal | Melodic Metal)

Label: Rockshots Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 29.09.2023

Four albums, four labels and also four singers. So DYCREST have had a turbulent career since they were founded 20 years ago, but have always delivered strong albums. Most recently they impressed with “Are You Not Entertained?”, a unique Power Metal album with a modern touch. Although Dame Heidie Aaltonen has recently been confirmed as the official singer, Mikael Salo delivers another damn strong performance on “Once I Had A Heart”.

As already mentioned, DYCREST offer an innovative and very own modern sound, which of course allows for some influences from various Finnish heroes. Nevertheless, you start with the crazy, intense and progressive opener “Sacred Sleep”, which is largely reminiscent of Mr. Townsend and his work. Then they turn to rockier tones on “Man Made God”. A fast banger with dark riffs and a catchy, anthemic chorus.

Despite its power and the numerous hooks and melodies, the whole album always has a sometimes more, sometimes less melancholy atmosphere, which is quite fitting, because the work was also dedicated to Kimo Blom (LEVERAGE, RASKASTA JOULUA), who wrote the second album “This Is My World”, but unfortunately succumbed to cancer last year at the age of 52. The title track has become a beautiful melodic metal anthem that fits the theme well. “Oathkeeper”, on the other hand, is very heavy, almost thrashy, which is why the vocals are rougher. Miko is generally very versatile. But you might get a Finn out of Finland, but certainly not the other way around, and so “Face The Light” not only brings to mind Tony Kakko vocally, but also a certain Strato-Arctica or SonataVarius vibe. In addition to the modern hit candidate “Colder”, the also very catchy “Read My Mind” also impresses with beautiful melodies and a memorable chorus. The finale, surprisingly, is a 7-minute power ballad called “Fire From Your World”.

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DYCREST manage to convince once again, expand their specially created niche and deliver nine damn strong and varied songs that get into your ear and also under your skin. A real highlight that makes you curious about where the journey with the new singer will take you.

Tracklist „Once I Had A Heart“:

1. Sacred Sleep
2. Man Made God
3. Once I Had A Heart
4. Oathkeeper
5. Face the Light
6. Read My Mind
7. Colder
8. The Final Act
9. Fire From Your World
Total playing time: 56:11


DYECREST – Once I Had A Heart LineUp: Mikael Salo – VocalsHenri Arola – GuitarsPirkka “Pirkkis” Ohlis – Guitars | KeysMatti Pasanen – GuitarsJukka “Zoukki” Matilainen – BassNiko Takala – Drums8…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”, “@type”: “Organization”, “name”: ” DYECREST – Once I Had A Heart”,”image”: [
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