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Ecological integration reconstructs new consumer links, Youku’s IP marketing detonates super product effects-China Entertainment Network

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Ecological integration reconstructs new consumer links, Youku IP marketing detonates super product effects

To “brand voice” and “sales conversion”, this has always been a pain point for marketers. Especially in terms of IP marketing, with the help of IP’s own user base and topicality, it can generate voice, but the effect conversion is often difficult to achieve expectations. However, based on this market demand point, the industry has never stopped exploring paths.

Youku is a typical pathfinder. At the end of September this year, “This! It’s Hip-hop 4″*Courage to the End of the World superX* Ele.me’s cross-border marketing, let the industry see the greater value of IP marketing:While talking loudly, go deep into the channel and run out of sales.

At that time, the hot IP “This!” It is the cross-border collaboration of “Hip-hop 4”, which made fans remember that “you must drink beer when watching “Hip-hop 4″”, and at the same time, let the brave to the world superX gain super product effects on the Ele.me channel. According to Youku,“In the entire marketing period, the exposure volume exceeded 250 million, and the Brave World SuperX brand micro index increased by more than 200% month-on-month, and the number of Ele.me on-channel brand coverage increased by 20%.”At the same time, this cooperation Youku leveragedAre you hungry “Super Brand Day”With high-quality resources such as Burger King, Xiaolongkan and other catering brands to cooperate in cross-industry, to help brave the end of the world superX to deepen the catering scene. Among them, brave the world superX and Burger King’s “street dance co-branded package” are selling well in Burger King stores, and the brand O2O channel during the event Sales grew by more than 40% month-on-month, and 85% of consumers were young users under 30.

To a certain extent, this cooperation is an integrated upgrade of Youku’s entertainment IP and channel marketing IP, which truly enables an effective combination of “product promotion content field” + “channel sales field”. As a result, Morketing discovered that a video platform that naturally has multiple super IPs seems to be able to build a more synergistic path after deepening into the channel ecology.


  From product to super product effect

  Youku and its brand detonate near-field consumption

In the case of bravely breaking into Tianya super X, Youku relied on its hot IP this summer “This! It’s Hip-hop 4”, which continuously in-depth empowers superX to brave the horizon, and spreads the potential energy to the Ele.me channel and more players in the channel.

According to Morketing,The high-quality IP provided by Youku serves as the underlying link to better link the brand, channels, and users.The reason why Youku IP can play such a role is that “This! It’s Hip-hop 4” with popular celebrities such as Wang Yibo and Zhang Yixing participating. The content of the program is young and the nationality is high. This type of IP itself is more attractive to young consumers.Can deliver customer groups to brands and increase exposure, It can be seen that superX has increased its brand index by 200%.

Subsequently,During the show’s hit period, Youku helped the brand create a series of creative activities on Ele.me, which ignited the Ele.me channel, which further magnified the co-branding effect of the IP* brand:For example, during the hot broadcast of “Hip-hop 4”, consumers will drop down the second floor on the homepage of Ele.me to participate in the interaction of “Transfer Beer Bottle” and “Food Team Battle” to get a discount package of “Course to the End of the World superX” and be hungry. The “4 major food teams” derived from the program’s creativity can drive consumers to buy, Burger King created the offline theme scene of “Street Dance 4” to promote in-store dining, etc…In other words, when Youku opened up the channel for Ele.me, The multi-dimensional combination of content IP with online channels, local marketing, and offline stores can create a rich set of dining scenes for consumers, so that the brand can reap the growth effect of synergistic product efficiency.

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​”Hip-hop 4″ brave the horizon superX × Burger King × Hungry Me “Super Brand Day” event

Looking further, there are so many brands trying IP marketing at home and abroad. Why does Youku only play the role of IP content in online and offline channels?

This is because,Backed by the Ali ecosystem, Youku can leverage more platform value and help merchants to promote business together.Take the cooperation between “Hip-hop 4” and Laiyifen as an example, through the cooperation of Ele.me, “the big name is coming” to achieve the brand’s marketing explosion on the platform. During the event, Ele.me will open the screen, homepage banner, focus picture and food card. The depth of the weekly big-name activities is dedicated to the exclusive venue in Iraq, and realizes the hot sale of the “Hey Eat Boneless” series of products and the hip-hop co-branded gift box. In addition, this event also leveraged Alipay’s marketing resources, and Alipay banner display and coupon distribution continued to stimulate user consumption. According to statistics, during the “Big Name Is Coming” event, brand exposure increased by 2**%, street dance gift box sales increased by 4**%, exclusive venue store GMV increased by 6*%, and brand new customers increased by as much as 1* *%.

Picture 2.jpg

Come to Yifen × “Hip-hop 4” × Ele.me collaboration

It can be seen that Alibaba has been deeply involved in the life of young people. After Youku leverages this part of the force, it can help brand owners to further activate near-field consumer demand and achieve brand business growth.


  New Ideas on the Channel Ecology of Content Marketing

  Youku IP X are you hungry?

Thinking further, why is it said that a good IP can empower channels and promote “both quality and efficiency”?

Take the Ele.me platform as an example. Consumers have a stereotype of “takeaway software” and will never actively obtain brand information from it. But in fact, this is precisely the formation of a “traffic depression” for the brand. Are you hungry? With a large customer base, if you find a good topic and method, it will be easier to subtly influence the minds of consumers.

Therefore, when IP content and channels are deeply bound, it can help them establish a consumption scene, which makes it easier to activate consumers and is more beneficial to the brand. Let’s take the cooperation of Youku IP* Ele.me as an example to see how to help it play a greater role after IP content is injected into the channel:

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  First, the brand’s exposure in the Ele.me channel has been improved.

The takeaway platform can reach consumers from both online and offline aspects. When Youku’s IP content is injected into Ele.me, the reach of these two aspects will be improved: For example, on the online side, consumers may On the screen of the Ele.me client, the floating floor on the second floor of Ele.me, guess what you like, search terms, etc., repeatedly see the content of Youku entertainment IP and brand co-branding, deepening the memory of the content of the brand owner; offline, consumption The reader may also notice the IP on the hungry “blue knight” who “bows their heads and sees them”, so that they can remember the brand message again.

Such as King Yonghe and “This! In the collaboration of “Hip-hop 4”, Youku uses the “Hip-Dance” IP as the base point, and links Ele.me to launch the “Yonghe King×Hip-hop” new product package, through Ele.me to open the screen, homepage focus, and banner to achieve super exposure of new products, and at the same time offline Create a theme pop-up store event to further broaden the path of communication between the brand and users, so that the image of Yonghe King’s “Chinese fast food” can penetrate into the minds of users, and the joint package “Yonghe King × Street Dance” has become a super hot product.

Picture 3.jpg

  It can be seen that the brand is under the blessing of Youku IP, making full use of Ele.me’s online and offline channels, and increasing the exposure with content memory.In addition, as a long video platform, Youku’s own exposure is also very efficient. The placement of advertisements, corner tags, and OTT advertisements in IP programs can also add to the brand exposure.

  Second, brands can improve their ability to operate fans in channels, such as the IP venue in Ele.me.

In the past, consumers may not stay on software such as Ele.me for too long. In the final analysis, it is because there is not much eye-catching content. The popular IP can change this situation.

As the center of marketing topics, big IPs have powerful energy to ignite consumers. at this time,The “IP venue” created by Youku at Ele.me can transfer this fan energy to businesses:For example, consumers can receive fan coupons, extract IP peripherals, purchase IP products, etc. in the IP venue, and brands can use this to accumulate, operate fans, and achieve conversion.

Take the KELLYONE×”Fist” cooperation as an example. In the Ele.me pull-down venue on the second floor, consumers watched videos assisted by celebrities at the venue, participated in a lottery to try new things at 0 yuan, and placed orders to buy hot products. participate. Youku’s IP “Fisting Power” helps brands provide users with a service experience integrating “seeing, enjoying, playing and buying” on the channel of Ele.me.

Picture 4.jpg

KELLYONE × “Fisting Power” × Ele.me collaboration

  Third, IP promotes brands to build consumption links on channels and increase sales conversion.

Returning to sales, Youku IP can also help long-tail merchants to carry out rich local marketing and realize the ultimate realization: merchants can launch activities such as brand*IP packages and free IP customized products to promote consumption. For example, Burger King and Yong Chuang Tian Ya superX jointly launched a fire-fighting package around the “Hip-hop 4” IP, which triggered consumers to buy them one after another.

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Ele.me insiders revealed to Morketing,“In the past, merchants who participated in Youku IP marketing increased their average sales by about 60%.”

on the whole,The Youku video platform provides IP empowerment to the Ele.me channel, forming a new retail engine of “new channels + new products + new users”, which provides a powerful impetus for the improvement of business quality.


  Youku×Possibility of more channels

To summarize the above, in the process of using IP to help Ele.me channel improve efficiency, Youku has formed“Improve Exposure Ability-Improve Fan Operation Ability-Improve Monetization Ability”The complete chain. Youku’s process of delivering IP content to channels and reaching consumers is complete and rigorous: on the one hand, high-quality IP guarantees exposure and helps build brands; on the other hand, the entire chain fits the consumer’s shopping decision-making journey. Achieve sales growth.

Moreover, as a “super IP party”, the long video platform has even promoted the development of “IP marketing”: In the past, domestic and foreign brand owners used some cartoon images to repeatedly reach consumers and establish emotional links with them, but it was too late. The “IP marketing” has not been developed into a specific form.Now, Youku has established a complete methodology for IP empowerment channels, digging deeper into the value of IP, spreading the image of IP more widely, and enabling its energy to benefit the entire consumer chain.

Looking further, the “ambitions” of long video platforms don’t stop here: they deepen their content while opening up channels, thereby empowering their marketing power to more brands.

Morketing observed that in 2021, Youku, which sits firmly at the head of the video platform, has also reached cooperation with Beijing Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, Tianjin Satellite TV and other David TV financial media to enrich the content matrix and expand its high-quality IP resource library; at the same time; , In addition to being hungry,Youku has also further deepened its cooperation with Hema, Fliggy, Alibaba Health, AutoNavi, Taocaicai, Tmall Campus and other channels in the Alibaba ecosystem.They are all ultra-high daily active IP and channel potentials in their field. And Youku’s big IP marketing can be used as a spiritual link with consumers to empower these channels.

Picture 5.jpg

  In terms of big IP, long video platforms are still players who have outperformed the content war, and their core competitive value is very high.This is especially true for the head in the giant ecosystem.

It can be said that as long as Youku can ensure the high activity and irreplaceability of its IP resources in the hearts of consumers, it can play the role of an “energy station” in the Alibaba ecosystem, continuously deliver content, and maintain the Alibaba ecosystem and consumers. In terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, the whole link and multi-dimensional close connection.

In this connection, naturally, a fertile soil has been nurtured for the growth of external brands and even mid- and long-tail brands.


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