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Fan Wei: Looking back at the sketches, I still find it difficult to this day

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Original title: Fan Wei: Looking back at the sketches, I still find it difficult

From Fan Debiao, who was talked about by the audience in “The Great Marshal”, to the exquisite Ding Wuyuan in “Problems That Are Not a Problem”, to the “Last Lesson” teacher Fan in “My Hometown and Me”, Fan Wei Yongrun The subtle and silent acting skills have created many classic roles that make the audience memorable. In “Heroes of the Railway”, which will be released on November 19th, Fan Wei plays an ordinary hero with great righteousness and walking on the tip of a knife.

On November 14, when Fan Wei was interviewed by the “Entertainment” column of the Beijing Youth Daily, he talked about each of his roles, “Everything is a play”. It seems that whatever role is put in his hands is a “flat trip”, Fan Wei Smiled: “Walking flat is the result. The process is actually overcoming obstacles. The front part of each character is very competitive. Maybe you are particularly competitive in the front, but the result will be better at the back. You think more and pay attention to the front. Too much, to be cautious, maybe there is less regret behind it.”

There are two hurdles in the play

He hesitated for a long time to take on the role of Pharaoh

During the Anti-Japanese War, the “Lunan Railway Brigade” of the First and Fifth Division of the Eighth Route Army picked up trains, seized materials and weapons in Lunan area where the Japanese invaders were ravaged, and created many shocking records and dealt a heavy blow to the enemy. The movie “Railway” “Hero” is based on the deeds of this team, and reproduces the heroic character through new stories and new characters. The “Lao Wang” portrayed by Fan Wei and “Lao Hong” played by Zhang Hanyu are the most representative characters.

In order to win the trust of Japanese officers, the old king lurking in the enemy, he bears humiliation and behaves cautiously. Flattering, fearful, and proud, every expression is just right by Fan Wei, who interprets a seemingly conscientious little figure to life. And it is this seemingly inconspicuous character who has repeatedly created opportunities to pass news in disguise and provide strong support for the railway team. When confronted with the enemy in a dangerous situation, Lao Wang showed his composure again, and his fearless spirit in the face of danger is admirable.

Audiences who have watched the movie will be conquered by Fan Wei’s acting skills and feel that Fan Wei is the “one choice” for Lao Wang. However, Fan Wei revealed that he hesitated for a long time to play Lao Wang, “I will take the first two hurdles for the next play. The child has to pass, the first one has to trust himself, the second one has to trust the character.”

Fan Wei is familiar with the story of the Railway Heroes. “I have watched this kind of movie since I was a child. I have a hero complex and have feelings for this story.” After reading the script of “Railway Heroes”, Fan Wei felt that the characters are very good, “Very rich and complicated. , There is a lot of face. But when I went to the director’s studio, I saw those characters, good guys, all tall, handsome and with big eyebrows. I was a little bit ashamed to play the hero of Pharaoh. I said I was like Doesn’t it look like.”

The story of the railway hero is based on real deeds. The director has discussed many times with the descendants of the martyrs’ family members in preparation for the film. That’s why I’m particularly shocked. But the director said that you are not allowed to act because you are not like a hero, because you are doing undercover work under the eyes of the Japanese, and it’s not right.”

Fan Wei also went to Zaozhuang to experience it, and went to the memorial hall of the railway guerrillas. “There are photos of these heroes, and I feel more confident that I can act, because they really look like ordinary people.”

Fan Wei revealed that he may be an actor who was finalized in the film, “I was very hesitant in front, but it was actually not easy. Later, once this hurdle passed, I slowly accepted it.”

Design Pharaoh likes to eat peanuts and drink

The face turned swollen is the face of drinking

Believing that he can play the role of the old queen, Fan Wei began the “project” of shaping the old Wang: “Lao Wang’s’previous life’ is quite rich. He first worked for the Germans at the train station, and later for the Japanese. An old bachelor who lives in the station. The only relative is Stone. The script gave me a lot of imagination.”

Fan Wei is serious about writing biographies, and he is very famous in the industry. Even if the character only has 5 lines, he must write the biographies. Some biographies can write up to 10,000 characters. Asked how many words he wrote for Lao Wang this time. Fan Wei laughed, “I don’t need to write now. I replaced it with recording. The biggest function of my mobile phone is recording. When I think about it, I’ll record it. Finally, I will listen to it together. It’s full, and after it’s full, do subtraction, and this character may be alive in his heart.”

The story of the railway guerrilla has been adapted into film and television dramas many times. Apart from the old version of the movie, Fan Wei did not watch any other versions. This is the script, the character in front of me. Even when I was filming “The First Incense”, I didn’t read Zhang Ailing’s novel. Influence, I still focus on the script in front of me, this is how I am.”

Fan Wei always has very real and touching details in the character creation. This time, Lao Wang is no exception. First of all, Lao Wang loves to drink. In Fan Wei’s view, it is necessary for him to be a lonely hero like Lao Wang who has been lurking around the enemy for a long time. There is an emotional catharsis: “He hates these aggressors, but he wants to have a relationship with them. He hates each other so much, but he has to smile with each other. He nods and bows every day, pretending to be a more friendly feeling. He must need One thing to support, and then I discussed with the director, in fact, every day he drinks alcohol to “cover his face”, he finally had a line with the Japanese, “I love to drink, or I will talk to you guys.” Don’t lower your head’, he can’t laugh without drinking. Make-up also makes Lao Wang’s face puffy, that’s the kind of drinking face, including his limping appearance, but also when he drank some wine and fell to the railroad. He hurt his lower leg. After watching the movie, the audience thought he had a blood clot because he had been drinking all the time.”

In addition to drinking, Lao Wang also likes to eat peanuts. “I have an acquaintance in life. He often picks up melon seeds. He puts melon seeds on the table when he catches them, or puts melon seeds into someone. This is a trick. It’s very good. Everyone thinks this person is very good. I will use it on Lao Wang, because peanuts are a specialty of Shandong, so he always takes out Shandong peanuts for everyone. This is the more you think about it, the more abundant it .”

Fan Wei also learned the Shan Dongfang dialect specially, and when it comes to this, Fan Wei regrets, “Drinking, we think that Shandong people are talking about’Hajiu’. In fact, Zaozhuang dialect is’drinking’. When I dubbed It was dubbed’Ha Dian’er, but it turned out to be self-defeating. The people in Zaozhuang really just called Dian Dian’er. Don’t say ha Dian Dian’s Qingdao dialect and Jinan dialect. When the trailer was shown, someone raised this question. , I sent a WeChat message to the director. The director said it was too late and had already decided, so I was very regretful. Later, the director comforted me and said, “Even if we are Lao Wang often walking around Shandong, it doesn’t matter, it’s just Shandong dialect.” .”

Seeing that the trailer was broadcast on various platforms over and over again, Fan Wei also frequently regretted this “defect”, and even listed it as the most regrettable thing about shooting “Railway Heroes”. Asked if he would struggle with this and cause insomnia, Fan Wei laughed and said that he had it when he was young, but that would not be the case after he was 50 years old.

Thank the director for giving himself performance space

Zhang Hanyu’s voice was infected with red eyes

Speaking of cooperating with director Yang Feng, Fan Wei said that Yang Feng was very patient and gave him a lot of space to perform, “For example, I finished one shot, and then we changed the lens, but I suddenly thought Get up, if it would be better to shoot like that, how about telling the director to change the plan and shoot another one? The average director would say that this one is good for schedule or other reasons, so let’s go, we actors will be embarrassed. Director Yang Feng was fine, he said, “Let’s come again, change seats and start again.” He will give you a chance. When Lao Wang sacrificed his life, he took two plans. One is that he died very neatly. I ordered the smoke, and Pharaoh died. Later I remembered that Pharaoh had been singing the “Pull Soul Tunes” with the sentence “The sun is out” in it. I think he might have such a sentence in the end that would be more meaningful. So I made this kind of plan again. I don’t know which one I chose for the final movie, but at least I don’t leave any regrets for the actors.”

When talking about the rivalry scene with Zhang Hanyu, Fan Wei said that the two did not improvise much, but the mutual strength between the actors is particularly important. “There was a scene where we were smoking together. I sent him information. According to that scene, I It shouldn’t be emotional, but his voice is very contagious. He said that I would wear knee pads to protect my old cold legs. After he said this line, my heart became hot and my eyes were red. Then I turned my head and shouted in his direction, “Drink at that time,” because his voice made my eyes red.”

In the film Lao Wang always wanted Stone to call him father. The scene with Stone before he was about to get on the train, moved Fan Wei very much, “Lao Wang is not married, he treats Stone like a son, and has a deep affection for the father and son of Stone. , This is the warm color in our play, this warm color is good for the whole play, let alone Lao Wang, you think he is walking on the tip of a knife in the harsh environment of the station, he has no relatives, So this is needed, even if there is only a hint of warmth.”

The other is the scene where he confronted the Japanese Fujiwara after revealing his undercover identity. Fan Wei said that he was very enjoyable. Desperately, that’s the real Pharaoh, and that feeling is really enjoyable.”

It takes time to empty every time a play is finished

I like to do things that I don’t mind when I’m resting

Although Fan Wei has been recognized as the backbone of the play, he is still very cautious when he takes the play. Fan Wei said that it was due to his personality. When I was a new character, I didn’t have any previous experience to learn from. Perhaps the only advantage was that I was not so nervous facing the camera. Unlike when I first filmed, I was so nervous and even my face was a bit stiff, but now I am very relaxed. But it’s all back to zero, and we have to start from zero.”

Ask Fan Wei how long does it take to prepare for a role, and how long does it take to feel confident? Fan Wei replied: “The most calm is about two months; tighter, more than a month; if half a month, I feel lost. Sometimes I can’t cut love, I will tell the director if I can enter later. Group, I digest and prepare at home, they generally understand, I must think about it at home, and I will go to shoot if I figure it out.”

After performing a play, Fan Wei needs time to “empty”, “It’s not that he has been deeply involved in the play, but he will always think in his mind where to leave regrets and which kind of acting should be better. “Railway Heroes” One month later, I also sent a WeChat message to the director, saying, “You help me think about which sentence should be better when we dub back”, and the director was surprised: “Brother, you still remember this. What?’Because the actors are over after the performance, the rest is the director’s post-production work.”

When taking a break after filming a movie, Fan Wei likes to do the kind of mindless things, such as walking, cooking, “a little bit of the pleasure of stealing a half-day leisure”, and when his brain rests, he starts. Reading books, watching movies, “Now watching movies and reading books is not as pure as it used to be. It’s much like reading a reference book. For example, a movie for two hours, I used to watch it smoothly in the past. I may have to I watched it for four hours, because I have to think about it. I watch movies and literary works when I’m not filming, and I don’t want to watch it when there are dramas, and I just pierced my head here.”

Having played so many rich roles, what else do you want to challenge? Fan Wei laughed and said: “I don’t dare to challenge. As long as the role can attract me and the hurdles in my heart can pass, I can act. Now I also consciously try different styles and types of themes. However, challenge, this is not Dare. For example, I was afraid of a scene before, because the action was too big to complete. I filmed “Aromatic Journey” in 2005 and acted as a driver. I drove on the mountain roads in Yunnan without any problems. I filmed in 2006. There was a car accident. From then on, I felt a little bit “pawky” when I got on the car. I felt that there was a problem. So I dare not talk about too many challenges of this kind.”

Fan Wei said that he used to pay much attention to the role, and he was not satisfied with acting. Now, he gradually finds that the team is particularly important. “The role of actors in a movie is limited. Sometimes you think well and act well. , But the general team will reduce points. If the team is very good, it will give you more points for not so good performances. Therefore, now I also pay attention to the team, and then the co-actors and the script itself must reach a certain level. “

Low-key is the norm is such a person

Let me go high-profile but feel tired

Speaking of the position of acting in his own life, Fan Wei cherishes it as a “half part of life”. As he grows older, Fan Wei has a new understanding of acting, “I think nothing is black and white, and there is no absolute right or wrong. You look at things like this in your life, and so do characters. He It must be multi-colored. This kind of experience accumulated in life, if you bring it into the play, may be different in your role modeling.”

Just like the Situ Xie he played in “First Burning Incense”, “I’m afraid that the acting will go smoothly. If I play the evil of Situ Xie, it seems to be smooth. I don’t think I need to play him how evil, how bad, and how greasy. , His own behavior is very evil. He robbed a girl 40 years younger than him, his logic is quite unbearable, do you still need to act? I play a so-called bad guy, I will play with him I found something on his body that he didn’t know, didn’t think he was bad, and even really fell in love with this girl. Zhang Ailing said that life is a gorgeous robe full of lice, but every lice doesn’t feel unbearable. It thinks that it’s good, and it’s good to suck people’s blood. Right? So if you think more, the characters will be more three-dimensional.”

In addition to acting, Fan Wei’s life is very low-key and peaceful, which is very rare in the noisy film and television circles. Fan Wei said that low-key is the norm, high-key is difficult, “because I am very embarrassed about some things, like I am now being interviewed, because you have watched movies, we have talked about it, but nothing . For example, to do a variety show or something that doesn’t match your own personality. It’s quite tiring, so it’s not good, so keep a low profile. It doesn’t need to control yourself or keep it. I’m just like this. People, you ask me to be a little high-profile, but I feel tired.”

Looking back at the years when he played the sketch, Fan Wei said that he still finds it difficult at that time. “The pressure was too great. At that time, I could carry it when I was young, but now I can’t carry it at this age.” The Internet is now scared, “Now it’s all live broadcasts. If you make a little mistake, you will be wrong forever. People will remember it all at once. When I was young, I didn’t have the fear of live broadcasting. Now the Internet is getting more and more. Developed, the attention is getting higher and higher, and you can still see everyone’s comments. Yo, I was scared, and I was a little bit scared when I was scared. With my current age, I don’t think it is necessary anymore. I still live a little more comfortable. One point, a little more comfortable. When I make a movie, I will have another one if I haven’t finished it. It’s good. I won’t pursue a state that is too exciting or very exciting.” (Reporter Xiao Yang


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