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Five fines you don’t expect

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ROMA – There are behaviors on the street that, although seeming “harmless”, can prove to be inappropriate and dangerous both for oneself and for others. Often harmful to the environment. Sometimes they only arouse the attention of the brigade, others become a real way to get unwelcome surprises delivered home, such as fines and deduction of points. Unexpected fines, due to bad information or a traffic code that is little known. But which are avoided with “small” precautions.

1) Avoid “sporty” driving

Sporty driving may not be frowned upon by law enforcement agencies, even if speed limits are respected. This is especially true if you are identified in a group of two or more cars: unauthorized races in the city are increasingly frequent, which can endanger road users. According to Art. 9 ter whoever competes in speed with motor vehicles is punished with imprisonment from six months to one year, with a fine of between 5,000 and 20,000 euros. In inhabited centers, moderate driving must always be adopted.

2) Air conditioning on: no when parked or stopped

Be careful not to keep the engine running in these cases. With a policeman nearby you could be fined from 218 euros to 435 euros, and the coolness could cost you very dear. Art. 157, in fact, prohibits keeping the engine running while the vehicle is parked or stopping, in order to keep the vehicle’s air conditioning system running; as for the stop, it must be said that the latest generation cars, with the Start & Stop, are facilitated compared to the others: as soon as the speed is reset, the engine is switched off automatically and, therefore, the climate is blocked, thus a lot of trouble. In Italy, of course, the speech is not very influential, considering the oldest car fleet in Europe. It goes without saying that the attention on noise and atmospheric pollution by those who control could be more intense in us than elsewhere, especially in historic centers.

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3) Don’t drive with a broken arm (or similar)

Getting behind the wheel is such a habitual gesture that you never wonder if on a physical level you would be able to deal with a critical situation. Art. 115 reminds that the driver must be suitable for physical as well as psychological requirements. A broken arm or hand, for example, can put the driver in difficulty, perhaps not being able to grip the steering wheel well or steer quickly, avoiding obstacles. Euro 85 for those who do not respect the ban.

4) Car Sharing ok, but watch out for parking

Sharing what a passion. But having notifications of minutes delivered to the mailbox is a more frequent phenomenon than one might think. The “retail” cars, in fact, can enter the ZTL and be parked on both yellow and blue lines. But watch out for places subject to, for example, a local market or weekly street cleaning. Here the car can be fined: in fact, it is not said that someone will re-rent the vehicle, remaining in the way.

5) Scooters for rent, don’t leave them anywhere

Obviously, even on the scooter front, there is no escape from sanctions. Specifically, these are payments requested by rental companies, when parking the vehicle outside the recovery area. Some apps, while clarifying the existence of a delimited area in the contract, do not alert the driver when crossing the “red” area, allowing you to leave the vehicle anywhere with great ease. A small joke, therefore, in addition to the surprise of the driver, who sees the amount (at least 50 euros) deducted from the credit card. A way to often re-evaluate, also in terms of comfort and safety, a ride in a taxi.

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