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“Global Times” English version likes “2060”: TV virtual show debuts in China to build a new stage for animation producers-China Entertainment Network

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  China Entertainment News www.yule.com.cn Jiangsu Satellite TV’s domestically produced original animation image stage competition program “2060” aired the second program last Friday night. Sophie CSM63 city averaged 2.48%, 35 city 2.59%, national network 0.57%, and TOP2 on Friday night. On social media, topics such as #清华学霸以看漫画学六国语#, # will regret it for a change of interest#, #七海Nana7mi平台超畅# and other topics appeared in the hot search on Weibo. Among them, #清华学霸以看漫画学六国语言# ranked No. 4 in the top searches on Weibo, with over 240 million readings of topics, and over 500 million readings of related hot topics. At the same time, the second issue of “2060” has won hot searches on multiple platforms such as Station B, Kuaishou, Toutiao, Tencent News, Goodview Video, ZAKER, UC Browser, and WIFI Master Key. As of the second issue, there are 120+ hot searches on the entire network. In terms of Weibo interaction, EP02 data shows that during the broadcast period, the program director and guests such as Lin Yongmin, Apostle, Huang Guangjian and other guests connected Mai to live broadcast, which was watched by more than 760,000 people. , Many guests such as Shouyi Xiaoxing and big V posted likes.

Recently, the English version of the “Global Times” published an article titled: “TV Virtual Show Appears in China, Building a New Stage for Animation Producers”, affirming that the “2060” program promotes China‘s excellent original animation images, so that they can move forward. Multiple audiences have sparked heated discussions on social media.

The full text translation is as follows:

A brand-new show featuring avatar performances started on Friday. Does it have the potential to become a future-leading show on TV screens?

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In the first episode of “2060” broadcast by Jiangsu Satellite TV, Bai Jugang and Song Yuqi served as guest judges. Eight “V-life”, the show’s performers showed their talents on the stage, and their work Shi and the creators told their behind-the-scenes stories.

The chief producer of the show, Wang Xi, said that he hopes to test the avatar industry with this show, because today’s variety shows have covered a variety of topics from dating to singing and dancing. “Young people aged 18 to 35 are our target audience, so making what they like is our priority in content strategy.” He explained that the first season of the show invited China’s top animation studios and their virtual Image, they have a positive image and huge development potential.

Many of these V-life have Chinese elements, such as the big red or lion head image in the traditional lion dance.

To ensure that they can be loved by the audience, most images feature the big eyes that are typical of anime characters. However, some have more bold designs, such as the virtual character nicknamed TV Chicken, which has a chicken-shaped body and a small TV screen on it, which can jump space steps and rap.

Wang Xi said that these cute avatars are the works of animation creators who have spent a lot of time and energy polishing them. The amount of work they have invested in 15 days is enough to produce a 40-minute cartoon.

He expressed the hope that such virtual programs can bring new breakthroughs in the field of science and technology.

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“We are also cautious about the audience’s aesthetic and viewing experience in the real world. In the first stage, there are 200 judges on site. The producer, host and V-life can interact on the stage through two screens.” He explained.

In the future, the program group will distribute VR glasses to 200 live viewers at the recording site. In this way, everyone can use VR glasses to watch the V-life performance on the stage as if they are really there. The process of entering this virtual world will also appear on the TV in real time, so that the audience in front of the TV can also watch the program.

All in all, the goal of the show is to promote China‘s excellent original animation images so that they can reach a wider audience.

He said: “This is a platform for large-scale exposure and popularization of these animation images. Next, we have local animation creators who master top technology and concepts, and they can compete with top overseas animation creators in terms of art and technology. Down.”

After the first episode was broadcast on October 22, the V-life role of the show attracted a lot of attention and aroused heated discussion on Chinese social media.


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