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He fled Russia and hitmen killed him in Spain: the mysterious crime of Maxim Kuzminov

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He fled Russia and hitmen killed him in Spain: the mysterious crime of Maxim Kuzminov

The death of a Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine and was murdered by hitmen in Spain is surrounded by mystery. In that sense, the Spanish authorities have not yet confirmed that the bullet-riddled body was his, while the Kremlin’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) celebrated the fact because they considered him a “traitor and criminal.” However, beyond this statement, Vladimir Putin’s government denied having any information about the incident, which adds to the unknowns surrounding the identity of the victim.

On February 13, authorities found the lifeless body of a 33-year-old man with several gunshot wounds in a garage in the Alicante town of Villajoyosa, in the south of Spain. Although his identity is not yet officially known, several Spanish media reported on Monday that he was Maxim Kuzminova critic of the war in Ukraine who defected last August aboard a Russian army Mi-8 helicopter and landed in territory under Ukrainian control.

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According to a judicial source, the murdered man was carrying documents that identified him as a 33-year-old Ukrainian. The case was initially considered a “settling of accounts” by hitmen who have already left Spain, in an area where the Russian community is large.

After shooting him up to half a dozen times, The killers ran him over with their own car and fled.accurate The country. In this regard, investigators located a charred car that was used by the murderers in a neighboring town, the media reported.

Maxim Kuzminov planned his escape to Ukraine for more than six months, according to that country’s intelligence service.

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Kuzminov departed from a base in the Kursk region (Russia) and flew at an “extremely low altitude” to avoid detection, Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) explained in a video released in September. Two companions who were with him, who had no knowledge of the plans, were killed by Ukrainian forces when they tried to flee. After his defection, the soldier said that he secretly planned it for months with the Ukrainian services and urged other Russian soldiers to imitate him.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksei Danilovindicated that the Government proposed to the deserter to stay in Ukrainian territory. “Here I would be protected”he said in statements reported by local media, while opting to wait for the circumstances of his murder to be clarified before making a statement on the matter.

Cross versions regarding the identity of the victim

According to a Russian journalist, the country’s special forces claimed to be pursuing the “traitor.”

The armed force is verifying the true identity of the deceased, which could take time, indicated the Ministry of the Interior. “We must let the Civil Guard do their job and let the investigation progress,” the Spanish government spokesperson said at a press conference. Pilar Alegría, when asked about the case. In that sense, the Civil Guard, in charge of the investigation, limited itself to pointing out AFP what “the identity that appeared of this person could be false and could be another individual”.

For his part, a spokesperson for the GUR confirmed this Tuesday to AFP Kuzminov’s death, but without giving details about its circumstances. Meanwhile, the Russian government was quick to show its satisfaction at the news that he was presumed dead. “This traitor and criminal had become a moral corpse from the moment he planned his despicable and terrible crime,” declared the head of the SVR, Sergei Naryshkin, quoted by the official agency TASSwithout confirming or denying a Russian involvement in the death.

Nevertheless, Russia assured that it has no information regarding the incident. “We do not have any information on this matter,” the Kremlin spokesman simply noted. Dmitry Peskovwhen asked about the case of Maxim Kuzminov, according to the agency Interfax. The Russian Embassy in Madrid did not want to comment on the matter either.

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The accusations against Russia: “The long hand of the Kremlin is behind an unprecedented crime in Spain”

The Spanish newspaper The country assured that The Russian government sent hitmen to assassinate Kuzminov, citing sources from the Spanish intelligence services. “The Spanish intelligence services have no doubt that the long hand of the Kremlin is behind an unprecedented crime in Spain: the murder in Alicante of Maxim Kuzminov,” the newspaper wrote.

The only doubt is whether the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the federal security service (FSB), or the military intelligence service (GRU) is behind the operation, intelligence sources told the newspaper, who nevertheless They detailed that It will be “very difficult” to obtain incriminating evidence. The country He also cited “diplomatic sources” who described the matter as “very serious” and according to whom Spain will give a “strong response” if the involvement of the Russian authorities is confirmed.

In a report in October last year, Russian state television stated that The special services had been tasked with finding and punishing the deserter.. “It’s just a matter of time,” said a Russian journalist after speaking with the country’s special forces, who claimed to be hunting the “traitor.” In the past, Russia has repeatedly rejected accusations of murder or attempted murder of defectors or Kremlin adversaries, both inside and outside its borders.

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