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How does Xinyu Chazong X evaluate the third theme competition solo stage of Endless Voices | Circle_Sina News

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How does Xinyu Chazong X evaluate the third theme competition solo stage of Endless Voices | Circle_Sina News

  [New Entertainment Chasing Comprehensive X #How to evaluate the third theme competition solo stage of Shengsheng Endless#]

  The second half of the “City Life” theme competition of “Sound and Life” kicked off. There are a total of ten entries in this issue. It can be said that each capital has entered the depths of the hearts of urban people. This episode of the program still has a clear positioning, using songs that metaphorize urban psychology to narrate, using artistic dance to stage urban scenes, and using classic voices to recall urban life…

  The opening “Lonely Patient” meets “Heartless”, which is a metaphor for urban psychology, like a warm iron soothing the hearts of the audience.

  When Yan Mingxi gigi sings urban lyrical songs, there is always a sense of shyness and ignorance belonging to a girl. The first two lines of aura directly bring the audience into the scene she created, and then switch between the true and false voices of the chorus, which belongs to Hong Kong Philharmonic Records The singer’s unique temperament, moving and delicate. The original singer Joey Yung used an extroverted voice to vent his emotions and slowly calmed down, but this version of gigi is more like an introverted person hiding and admonishing and encouraging himself to be indifferent to the other party. The humbleness of the dust is low, and as the song progresses, it interprets that there is no more sorrow than death. The richly layered interpretation allows the audience to see a woman hugging herself and hiding in a corner, feeling self-pity, and slowly recovering.

  “The bitterness is gone, and then it fades away.” The handling of this sentence appears four times in the whole song, each time with a different feeling, from the heartache at the beginning, to the helpless broadness of the last sentence, which cannot be saved, only Can be lighthearted.

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  “The Lonely Patient” brought by Mao Buyi tells the loneliness of urban people. As his self-reported: “When you are lonely, you have to face your own thoughts and you have to face your emotions. You will have a lot of thinking. Thinking and self-observation are the source of creation. I think loneliness is not the only productive force, but He’s a very important productive force.”

  The best choreography in this show came to Zhou Bichang’s “Circle” and Li Hakin’s “Flying Flowers”.

  The lyrics of the Cantonese version of “Circle” is a very complete story. Because of fate, we met, met, and fell in love. I thought we would compose the second half of our life together, but it was a dream in the end. Zhou Bichang’s stage design is full of surprises and careful attention. The background image also uses the different forms of the moon shown in the Lunar album. The separation, reunion and reunion in the human world are like the moon’s yin and woe, and the gains and losses are only part of the process. The gentle and firm voice sings the words “circle”, “finish”, “wish” and “fate” in different stages of life that are used skillfully in the lyrics, which seem to have different meanings, but are very related. , adds a lot of flavor to “Circle”.

  “Flying Flowers” is a very good Cantonese work. It can be seen that Li Keqin also attaches great importance to the debut of Feihua’s song on the mainland music stage. Not only did he use the holographic projection of his duet with himself on the stage, but also carefully arranged new arrangements and productions. Hong Kong Phil’s narrative love story often makes people feel immersed in it. “Flying Flowers” can be stretched out with just one clip. “Flying flowers on the head, scattered without concern.” Without mentioning the antecedents, without talking about the consequences, it is just a fragment , but it can outline a sentence, a love, a truth, and some emotions, showing a poignant feeling.

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  The Mandarin version of “Footprints in the City” brought by Li Jian further deepened the theme of this issue and recalled urban life.

  When the familiar melody of “Footprints in the City” plays on the stage, Cantonese fans who are familiar with this song will surely recall the old teacher Xu Xiaofeng, who was famous in the Hong Kong music scene, and the countless classic songs she brought us. In the life past accompanied by these golden songs, we will be surprised to find that this song released 36 years ago still has its profound practical significance today. The city life depicted in the song is not what it looks like today, people are indifferent Try hard to find smiling eyes, longing for love and joyful friendship in your heart.

  One of the functions of Li Jianlai’s program is to let everyone see how an original singer who grew up in the mainland has adapted the Hong Kong Philharmonic, so that an original musician like Li Jian can reproduce a Hong Kong Philharmonic in the form of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. It doesn’t make sense. What he’s doing now is a direct collision between the Hong Kong Philharmonic and mainland music, which is to imbue the Hong Kong Philharmonic with the temperament of the mainland, and use songs to express the influence of works with Hong Kong urban themes on a generation of mainlanders.

  “New and old songs are endless, good adaptations evoke the past, and more precious life experiences are overlapped; the easy-to-sing approach also makes the charm of music sung louder and deeper in the songs passed down by word of mouth. Although the golden age has been separated from us when we meet, the two hearts can gradually come closer when the song starts.”

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  This is the reason why “Sound Unstoppable” is ahead of many singing programs. Between the two hearts, the music crosses as a bridge, and the singing spreads; between the two hearts, the true feelings have never been joyous, and the sincerity has not changed.

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