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How is the basic salary in Río Negro with the increase in April 2024

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How is the basic salary in Río Negro with the increase in April 2024

In April 2024, las domestic workers from Río Negro register a new salary increaseafter the agreement signed by the National Commission on Work in Private Homes during the last days of February, which adds a total of 35% in two installments.

He increase agreed by the National Commission for Work in Private Homes for April 2024 is from 15%taking them basic salaries of domestic workers above of the Minimum salary, vital and movil established by the national government.

In addition to the increase, domestic workers in Río Negro must add to their basic salary the percentage of patagonian areain which they are included as well as the workers of Neuquen, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuegoamong other.

So, monthly maids who perform general tasks with retirement in Black river they will charge a basic salary of $239,789.50, to which the Patagonian area will be added. That is to say that, in total, The salary will be $311,726.35.

And in the case of a domestic worker who is dedicated to the assistance and care of retired people in Black riverare March salary will be $266,639.50to which will also be added the Patagonian area, leaving the salary at $346,631.35.

At these amounts, the percentage of seniority must also be addedwhich translates to an additional 1% per year in the monthly salaries from domestic workerof the 1% for each year worked.

What is the basic monthly salary of domestic employees in April 2024

So, with this 15% update, las Domestic workers get paid in April 2024 their salaries with these increases which we review below.

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Salary scale for domestic employees for April 2024. Source: Ignacio Online.-

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