Home Entertainment How many gastronomic cultures in different regions have exploded. The “True Happiness” APP tens of millions of bonuses help the C-place debut in the gastronomy competition_TOM News

How many gastronomic cultures in different regions have exploded. The “True Happiness” APP tens of millions of bonuses help the C-place debut in the gastronomy competition_TOM News

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The Chinese food culture is extensive and profound, and there are countless foodies from ancient times to the present for three days and three nights. The Suiyuan Food List written by Yuan Mei, a talented scholar in the Qing Dynasty, is a complete list of daily diet recipes in the Qing Dynasty; Song Dynasty poet Su Shi is a famous foodie, and there are not a few delicacies named after him, Dongpo meat, Dongpo pork, Dongpo Tofu, it shows the true color of food; in modern times, the five flavors and Sifang diets written by Wang Zengqi, an old gluttonous man, wrote vividly about the eating habits of all parts of the country and the tastes of ancient and modern Chinese people.

The Chinese people love to eat for a long time, no matter the day is happy or bitter, as long as the stomach is filled, the big things can be carried on. Recently, the “True Happiness” APP launched a solicitation for the Ten Million Bonus Challenge for the whole network of foodies. Many food lovers have come to participate, and various fun events to expose food have assembled, setting off a national food battle. From now to November 24th, launch a food contest on the “True Happiness” APP, share your love of life, and share millions of bonuses!

Who will win the Million Dollar Prize in the Regional Gourmet Battle?

As the saying goes: People take food as their heaven. China on the tip of the tongue, the five flavors are mixed, whether it is the delicacy of the mountain and the sea on the feast, the coarse tea and light rice in the farmhouse, or the flavor snacks on the bustling street, all have their own characteristics. After the “True Happiness” APP launched the Ten Million Bonus Challenge, food lovers from all walks of life have fancy food shows online.

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  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

On the “True Happiness” APP, the Guiyang Evening News launched the “Everything Can Be Packed” challenge to show you the charm of pasta. In the video, the initiator uses a thin silk baby skin as the stage to challenge, and hope that everyone will be confident and happy, and enjoy the fun of everything can be packaged. Some netizens use silk doll skins to pack various vegetables; some netizens pack fresh shrimp and small wontons; some netizens pack winter heart-warming food double fresh egg dumplings; many netizens say that they have to take a look in the winter, and of course they have to pack everyone. Dumplings that everyone loves to eat… Have you gotten all kinds of new skills for making delicious food?

  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

The plan for a day is in the morning, the vitality breakfast, warms the stomach and the heart! The “What to Eat for Breakfast” challenge initiated by the netizen “Apple 6666” invites you to share a fancy breakfast. Some netizens posted porridge and steamed buns to start a simple and beautiful day; some netizens posted a video of making delicious hand cakes, unlocking the secret of not heavy breakfast; some netizens bake sweet potatoes in an air fryer with the right ingredients Whatever you do is OK; some netizens publish oatmeal version of preserved egg and lean meat porridge and various fancy breakfasts, which are more nutritious and healthy to eat; some netizens publish pumpkin pie, toast, egg cake and steamed egg… …. Which kind of food is your favorite for breakfast?

  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

“Shaanxi on the Bite of the Tongue” initiated by the Urban Youth Channel, will take you to search for Shaanxi cuisine you don’t know! Shaanxi Crispy Pork Belly, Pork Noodles, Rice Noodles, Steamed Noodles with Braised Pork and Beans, Potato Curry Chicken Rice, Xianyang Huitong Noodles, Cold Skin of Sanqin Set Menu, Tom Yum Goong Soup, Fresh Beef Tongue Cake…Yes Didn’t tempt you?

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  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

A series of delicious delicacies, full of color, fragrance, tease your taste buds, but also the food culture and traditional craftsmanship that has been infiltrated into the bones for thousands of years. There are many food competitions. Who can finally win the support of the whole network. Ten thousand prize winners, let’s wait and see!

Eat all the flavors of life, share beautiful stories, and share tens of millions of bonuses

Life with fireworks is always inseparable from the square inch of this kitchen, and the various flavors on the tip of the tongue also reflect the various tastes of life. In addition to eating a good life, in the “True Happiness” APP competition area, there are people who have launched “Show your good memories”, “Relax and feel nature”, “A good wife at home”, “The power to get up early”, ” I have a date with Winter”…These various positive energy ideas, with the yearning for a better life, have won the love of “True Happiness” APP netizens, and their popularity has continued to rise, reaching the bonus list.

  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

Life is full of flavors, what is the good life in your heart? The “True Happiness” APP Ten Million Bonus Challenge is still hotly soliciting. Whether you are a foodie, a hidden genre master, or a comedian with your own funny talent, you can launch any competition on the “True Happiness” APP and share the good life. The new taste, that is, the opportunity to share a million bonus!

All solicited events are included in the “Hot Blood Event List” quarterly list, which is ranked according to the popularity of the events. As of November 24, the top 100 events in the quarterly ranking list will officially debut and have the opportunity to share tens of millions of prizes. Among them, individuals who initiate a challenge can get up to 49,999 yuan in event funds, and the organizer can get up to 1 million yuan in event funds for a single or promotion event. The high bonus is ready, you will be missed for the C debut.

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At the same time, the “True Happiness” app can qualify for the competition, ushering in the “I will lose if I don’t laugh” tournament jointly launched by IUV and the detective sitcom “Detective Hulmoth”, and it has started the pet game. Fan benefits: From November 10th to 17th, the first round of “show the funny you” will start, upload funny videos, notes, and show the funny you! From November 22nd to 26th, the “Laughing Crown Assembling Order” ultimate showdown, the thousand yuan prize is happy to grab!

  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

There are many competitions, and the excitement is overweight! The “True Happiness” APP will join hands with more professional competition organizations to start a new competition journey. “2021FUTURE STAR China Super Model Competition” and “X-Battle National Street Dance Elite League” will soon log on to the “True Happiness” APP competition platform, invite you to join us Witness the cute baby’s fashion dream journey, and feel the enthusiasm of hip-hop culture.

  How many gastronomical cultures in different regions have exploded

In addition, as the top event of “Street Basketball”, the 2021FSPL professional league has already kicked off. 12 participating teams have gathered together, and the “True Happy” APP exclusively named the event. The latest progress of the event will be broadcast live simultaneously on the “True Happiness” APP, lock on the “True Happiness”, and follow up the exciting schedule in time!


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