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“I cry as soon as I hear it” E-commerce and musicians cooperate remotely to fight the epidemic warm song | Medical care | Epidemic prevention | Moonlight

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[Epoch Times, July 11, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zheng Yifen reported to Taipei, Taiwan) Feeling that many anti-epidemic personnel have worked hard to stay on the front line. The 486 group purchase, which has always been concerned about current affairs, has joined hands with well-known music producer Huang Weihao to cooperate with each other from a distance To complete the anti-epidemic song “Moonlight”, I hope to use the power of the song to comfort people. Group buying entrepreneur Mr. 486 said, “I cried when I heard this song for the first time.”

486 Group Buying calls on its employees who have expertise in songwriting and composition to express their gratitude to the respectable epidemic prevention personnel. Xie Guangtai of the Marketing Department initiated the event and acted as the composer, and strongly invited Jerry Huang Weihao, who had served as well-known singer-producers such as Zhang Huimei, Gigi Leung, Luo Dayou, and Na Ying, to participate in the mixing and arrangement.

Lead singer Hong Qifeng interprets the charity single with a warm voice, hoping to use the power of the song to soothe the hearts of the people. (Provided by 486 group purchase)

Xie Guangtai once participated in “Super Idol” and recalled his motivation for creating “Moonlight”. He said that Taiwan experienced SARS in 2003. He was deeply moved by the charity single “Hand in Hand” at that time, and since then began to learn music and Touch the guitar. Now facing the critical moment of the global epidemic again, I hope to do something for Taiwan.

Lead singer Hong Qifeng is also a colleague of the marketing department. He once participated in the talent show “Chinese Avenue of Stars” and was hailed by the producer as “Jacky Cheung in Taiwanese circles”. When he was recording songs, various news images of the medical staff wrapped up in sweat and daring to go home in order to protect his family continued to appear in his mind. He hoped that his singing could convey positive and encouragement. The epidemic prevention heroes said: “Thanks.”

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The company copywriter Tian Tian is responsible for writing the words. He said that since the escalation of the epidemic, he has been nervous. After waiting for the 3 children to fall asleep every night, he watched the news and felt the tension of the entire society in the face of the epidemic, especially when he saw the doctors and nurses sweating when they took off the masks and full body protective equipment. The appearance is both distressed and touched, so I wrote the lyrics “Fearless love, sprinkled the sky, illuminating the sweat and touch on the cheeks.”

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the entire company of 486 Group has been working from home for more than a month. Many of the tasks that were originally scheduled to enter the recording studio were changed to be carried out by colleagues at home and then produced through remote relay. The original work that was difficult to overcome, with the concerted efforts of everyone, finally presented this public welfare work, hoping to bring the heroes who guard the front line of epidemic prevention and the positive warmth of the whole people. ◇

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