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Improve the sense of stage scene, remember the ancestors and pay tribute to the heroes_Guangming.com

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Improve the sense of stage scene, remember the ancestors and pay tribute to the heroes_Guangming.com

The large-scale drama “Heroes and Daughters” created by the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center tells the story of the brothers and sisters of Shanghai volunteer soldiers Wang Cheng and Wang Fang who went to the battlefield to resist US aggression and aid Korea. A story of reunion and reunion.Photo by reporter Ye Chenliang

  Reporter Wang Xiaoli

“Singing heroes in the wind and smoke, listening to the green hills around…” The familiar melody of “Heroes Hymn” was played again last night at the Shanghai Drama Art Center Art Theater. After the first round of performances in October this year received good responses from all walks of life, the large-scale drama “Heroes and Daughters” created and arranged by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center started its second round of performances yesterday. After combining the professional opinions of all parties, the main creator further digs and polishes the work, perfects and enhances the stage presentation effect, and perceives this magnificent history with the audience in the theater in a more complete form.

The large-scale drama “Heroes and Daughters” is based on Ba Jin’s novel “Reunion” and the film of the same name shot by Changchun Film Studio. The story of Wang Fang’s reunion and reunion with her adoptive father Wang Fubiao and biological father Wang Wenqing on the battlefield. Under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks, the Shanghai Drama Art Center carefully prepared and fully promoted the creation and performance of the drama “Heroes and Daughters”, striving to create a classic that promotes the great spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, embodies the characteristics of Shanghai’s heroic city, and can stand the test of history Red themed repertoire.

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“This round of performance has enhanced the authenticity and sense of presence of the stage.” Yu Rongjun, the screenwriter of “Heroes and Daughters”, told reporters that in order to make the plot closer to the prescribed situation on the battlefield, he made fine adjustments to some scenes, such as re-conceiving the The line of “signing a life-and-death agreement” in one of the highlights makes it more reasonable and warmer, and adjusts the time when Wang Fang condolences the sentry alone from standing guard to when changing the guard… At the same time, Yu Rongjun is also the role of the group portrait in the play. The biographies of the characters have been rewritten to make the story line clearer.

“In the drama “Heroes and Daughters”, I saw the yearning and pursuit of the youth of that era. The purity of their emotions and desires, and the simplicity of the spiritual world, have a kind of healing for the soul for us today.” Literary critic Li Shoucheng commented. Wu Xiaoming, deputy head of the leading group of Shanghai’s major literary and artistic creations, believes that the theme of heroism is the humanistic sentiment that literary and art workers have always adhered to. The play allowed people to see the vitality of art and touched audiences of all ages. After watching “Heroes and Daughters”, some people were shocked by Wang Cheng’s strongest voice of Chinese soldiers – “For victory, fire at me”, some people were moved by the righteousness of ordinary people, and some people were moved by the power of literature in wartime Deeply inspired, some people remember their ancestors and pay tribute to heroes…

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He Mengjie, the actor of “Wang Fang” in the play, can’t forget the special audience welcomed at the end of the first round of “Heroes and Daughters”-15 veterans of the Chinese People’s Volunteers with an average age of 87.8 years old, “Looking at the old people in the audience, when the curtain call All the actors couldn’t hold back their tears.” Decades apart, only real heroic deeds and immortal heroic spirit can span time and space, allowing generations of people to have this unforgettable viewing experience in the same space.

Next year, the large-scale drama “Heroes and Daughters” plans to go to Beijing and other places for a national tour.

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