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In RÃo Negro, the Government and the unions return to equality this Friday for March salaries – Diario RÃo Negro

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In RÃo Negro, the Government and the unions return to equality this Friday for March salaries – Diario RÃo Negro

This Friday, the provincial government and state unions will resume salary negotiations. The joint meetings are scheduled for 10 in the Civil Service and in the Ministry of Labor.

The parties meet again after an exclusive agreement for January and February, which is focused on a bonus – ranging from 56,000 pesos to 85,000 pesos – and, in addition, there is a government position to remove the inflation index from the next discussions.

The last increase was agreed for November salaries and was 8.3%, which corresponded to the October inflation index.

Everything indicates that the officials will attend the debate with an offer structured essentially in a fixed sum, prioritizing the greatest impact on lower assets. If that happens, it will be in line with a request from ATE, which was even made clear by its national general secretary, Rodolfo Aguiar, in an interview with Río Negro.

On the other hand, in a statement, UPCN rejected this design because it deteriorates the scale and requested increases by percentages, as well as the incorporation of the bonus amount.

Unter maintains his usual request for percentage increases although his union leadership accepts that the complexity of the moment could lead to an offer of a fixed sum, which would be transferred to “the democratic bodies for evaluation,” as explained by the general secretary. , Silvana Inostroza.

Yesterday there were meetings in the Treasury and in Education, with their crosses with Governor Alberto Weretilneck to specify salary numbers and designs.

In Labor, the joint representatives of Unter and Education will carry out their own negotiation. Photo Archive.

Currently, the lowest category of Law 1,844 is around 319,000 pesos and in the initial teacher it is 347,000 pesos, without the bonuses of the current two-month period, which were settled outside of the remunerations. For example, between today and tomorrow, those assignments corresponding to February will be deposited.

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The salary negotiation will focus on March salaries, which are paid in April, so there is still a window of time for their settlement. Even so, the countdown falls on the demands of the Unter and its resolution linked to the start or not of classes for March 11, after analysis of the government proposal. The leadership called the Congress for next Wednesday the 26th, in Jacobacci.

With this picture, Alberto Weretilneck’s administration should close a definitive offer between this Friday and next week.

Surely, it will also include specific modifications, as the president already announced in reference to the “updating” of the amount of school support, which is paid annually with March salaries.

This Rio Negro allocation for 2023 was 6,000 pesos per child while in Anses it appeared at 23,101 pesos for RÃo Negro although, this week, the national government increased that amount for the start of classes to 70,000 pesos.

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