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Innovation and Inspiration: The Revival Premiere of Beijing Musical “Song of Dreams”

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Innovation and Inspiration: The Revival Premiere of Beijing Musical “Song of Dreams”

The revival premiere of the Beijing musical “Song of Dreams” sings the voice of science and technology

China News Service, Beijing, April 14 (Reporter Xu Jing) The musical “Similar to Dream” kicked off its first performance of the national tour after revival and polishing at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center on the evening of the 12th. Twenty songs with different styles, supplemented by an artificial intelligence-style stage, vividly tell the story of the protagonist Hao Jie who faced difficulties and insisted on independent research and development of automotive chips.

The musical “Also a Dream” is jointly produced by the Beijing Performing Arts Group, the Publicity and Culture Department of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee, and the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is produced by the Beijing Opera and Dance Drama Theater, Shang Yicheng (Beijing) Technology Produced by the Cultural Group, it is one of the “Struggle Trilogy” of Beijing Performing Arts Group’s original reality-themed musicals.

“Dreams Are True” focuses on the figures of persistent struggle on the track of technological innovation. The protagonist Hao Jie in the play accepts the invitation of Good Luck Intelligent Technology Company to return to China as the company’s CEO. When he and his colleagues in the company sprint towards the industry track of autonomous driving, he wonders whether the source of the core of the autonomous vehicle, the chip, should be insisted on independent research and development, had a conflict with the company’s board of directors.

Dong Ning, deputy general manager of Beijing Performing Arts Group and producer of the musical “A Dream Is True”, said that the play uses my country’s innovative process in the development of artificial intelligence technology and chip technology as the main story line, and uses a musical format that is popular among young people today, showing the public the passionate road of industry pioneers working tirelessly to make their dreams come true.

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The performance poster of the play reads “There is no last time, only one more time.” This is a portrayal of the never-say-die spirit of the protagonist Hao Jie in the play, and it is also the play’s refinement of the perseverance and forward spirit of scientific and technological innovation personnel. In the play, although Hao Jie promised the chairman that this chip test would be the last, the chairman also said to him, “This is the last time. If it doesn’t succeed, forget it.”

The whole play came to an end when the chip test went wrong, leaving the audience with questions about whether the chip development was successful or not. Wang Baoshe, the script director of the play, said that only starting again after repeated failures is the spirit of exploring the unknown world and the future, and it is also the core of the play “Also Dreams Are True”.

In order to tell the story of technological innovation well, the play strives to have a sense of technology and modernity in its stage presentation. “A Dream Is True” is full of elements such as artificial intelligence, chip research and development, and driverless driving testing. With the full use of new technologies such as ice screens and holographic yarns in the stage space, as well as upgraded and polished multimedia elements with a more technological feel, A blueprint of cutting-edge industries is presented on the stage, visually constructing a “city of the future” for the audience.

The music part, which is the main part of the narrative of this play, is also full of futuristic feeling. “Listen, it was the metal age; listen, it was the industrial age; listen, it was the information age; now it is an exciting era.” As the opening song “Future City” played, dancers in silver metal costumes The group portrait interpretation, visual and auditory effects allow the audience to experience the sincere sense of technology, and also sets the basic tone for the entire play.

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At the same time, the play also innovatively adds elements such as AI singing, allowing the smart unmanned vehicles that usually run around the streets and alleys of the Economic Development Zone with various delicacies in their “bellies” to have a new identity as musical actors, while adding interest to the repertoire, it also achieved a cross-border integration of art and technology on the stage.

According to reports, after the national tour of the musical “Also a Dream” ends in Beijing, it will also be performed in Shanghai this month, and will continue to travel to Guangdong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other places, allowing more audiences to experience China’s original reality-themed music The charming charm of the play.

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