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International Ice Cream Day: in Argentina, lemon dethroned dulce de leche

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International Ice Cream Day: in Argentina, lemon dethroned dulce de leche

Yes, he is Italian and that is why we Argentines love him so much. Despite having been born as a summer delight, we extend its stay on the table in all seasons and now, the frozen It is the dessert of the twelve months of the year in a cone, glass, chocolate or stick.

The icecream nation in 1660but it was almost immediately accepted throughout Europe until it arrived in America, and then in our country, in 1902, thanks to immigrants.

On April 12, the whole world celebrates the International Ice Cream Day.

According to the Artisanal Ice Cream and Related Manufacturers Association (AFADHYA), the favorite ice cream of summer 2022 and 2023 was lemon, that dethroned dulce de leche.

In a market research work that AFADHYA carried out with the consultant D’Alessio Irol on consumer preferences, the Argentine public put the first place fruity ice cream Behind the lemon, the favorites were strawberry, mango, passion fruit, and with fifth place divided between peach and orange ice cream. Besides, 8 out of 10 respondents prefer artisanal ice cream before the industrial

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A survey from ten years ago, carried out by the same Association, gave the crown to ice cream caramel saucethe favorite of Argentines for the 76 percent of consumers. It was followed by chocolate in all its varieties, lemon, strawberry and vanilla.

Frozen. For years, the caramel sauce led the podium with 76% of preferences.

International Ice Cream Day

For its part, the delivery company PedidosYa took the trouble to calculate the distances that its staff traveled in the last twelve months to deliver ice cream at home.

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The result is the “shocking number of 7,527,659 kilometers transited only in Argentina to meet deliveries. While in Latin America a total of 10,679,782 kilometers were traveled, which is equivalent to traveling the Andes Mountains 1,256 times”, ventures the company that operates in 15 countries on this continent.

They report that Buenos Aires and Rosario were the cities that consumed the most ice cream. In the rest of South America, with Buenos Aires once again in the lead, Montevideo and Santiago de Chile followed.

Lemon. Argentina takes advantage of its high production of lemons and the frozen of this citrus led the preferences of the summer. To be continue?

ice cream in argentina

However, there are many ice cream shops of the country -and the world– that elaborate increasingly exotic flavors to provide a gourmet and native touch to this artisan product.

In the interior of Argentina, for example, several cities sell frozen delicacies made with regional products. One of the oldest and best known among locals and tourists is the yerba mate ice cream. A pioneer for more than four decades in the matter, the Polaris ice cream parlor, in Missionscreated yerba mate ice cream and it sparked the trend of confronting the large gastronomic chains, with its own and original products, by the way.

Some time later they were joined by the El Indicito Ice Cream Parlor, in the missionary city of Montecarlo. Of course with its “iced mate” and the “missionary summer drink”, but with another renovation for palates: sunflower ice cream. The location Alice Colognealso in Misiones, surprised some time ago with a family business that also honored the Matera confectionery, with cakes and cupcakes of that flavor and then added the Matera ice cream menu.

Speaking of being original, for example, chascomús launched into the ring a few years ago with the “freshly caught silverside ice cream from the lagoon”. They no longer offer it. Yes, they will be found not only next to the lagoon but in other towns in the province, ice cream with a taste of candies: chewing gum, jungle sticks, bananas, chocolate wafers and many variants that are even requested by brand, always in a frozen version, of course.

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More than lemon and dulce de leche

as well as in Mendoza flavored ice creams are sold Malbec, Cabernet y Torrontésit is logical that in Córdoba there is the Fernet’s ice creaman invention that José Peraquia claims as his own, but which was all the rage in the city of Luque, although it later spread throughout the province.

Speaking of argentinidad al palo, after stopping at Olivos to taste the allspice ice creamgo straight to Rosarioalways nearby, where the Bocha ice cream parlor won applause with its curious pasta frola ice cream, made in collaboration with the Manhattan bakery.

By dint of wanting to leave us literally frozen, they later appeared with another surprising elaboration: an icy version of the telluric national dessert “cheese and sweet”, presented as ice cream from the classic cheese and sweet, which they have turned into two frozen options: Ricotta with quince or Ricotta with sweet potato, because we already know that the world of Frolean gourmands is divided between the pros quince and the batateros.

World Dulce de Leche Day: what is the origin of this traditional Argentine recipe
Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. For delivery companies, home deliveries continue to reign.

After three years of research, scientists from the University of La Plata developed a “good for health” ice creamwhich contains phytosterols and omega 3, compounds that reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

He is 24 years old, he is the first aerospace engineer in Argentina and he works to create a nanosatellite

As if that were not enough, they do not contain trans fats and are low in calories. For vegans, the country also sells soy ice creams that They do not contain lactose or cholesterol and are rich in fiber.

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Without leaving the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in the Palermo neighborhood you can get wasabi and okra ice cream or, walking a little further, another of blue cheese.

Heading south, the now Jauja chain, which knew how to have its headquarters in the bagginalso ventured into local seasonal flavors and invented the Calafate ice cream with sheep’s milk.

Of course, with its tempting route of wineries, Salta He also says present at dessert time and presents his own frozen versions in the land of Güemes in society: Cayote with Walnut, Coca Tea, Cuaresmillo, Cabernet Wine, Torrontés Wine y Cane honey.

With the support of the Federation of Pastry Chefs, FITHEP Centro and the MIG (International Ice Cream Show) AFADHYA organizes the Argentina Gold Cup, which will take place within the scope of the FITHEP Expoalimentaria fair from June 5 to 7, 2023 in the city of Córdoba. The winner will qualify for the Coppa d’Oro that will take place from November 26 to 29, 2023 in Longarone, Italy. Airfare and lodging will be covered.

Those interested in participating (residents in Argentina and ice cream masters) have time to register until 28th of April.


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