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Interview with Stray Kids: Challenge the intrusion of Chinese dialects! Sing “I Miss You” Sweet Crit_Fang Can_Know_Lee

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Interview with Stray Kids: Challenge the intrusion of Chinese dialects! Sing “I Miss You” Sweet Crit_Fang Can_Know_Lee

Original title: Interview with Stray Kids: Challenge the intrusion of Chinese dialects!Sing “I Miss You” Sweet Crit

Sohu Korean Entertainment (Tu Ge/Wen JYP/Camera) is charming, so stay out of the way! The most important task in October 2022 is to listen to the fascinating new album “MAXIDENT”, and they are back with their brainwashed new divine song “CASE 143”! Then let Charming open up a new world of music for us!

Regarding the origin of the numbers in the title song, Changbin said: 143 means I Love You, and it represents a major event called love. In this album, I also saw the figure of the squad after a long absence. Hyunjin said: For the sake of freshness, STAYs will also find it interesting.

Regarding the TMI of this album, HAN shared with everyone: After knowing that the theme of this album is love, I watched a lot of videos and comics related to love on the Internet. It turns out that there is a little brother who reads comics and writes songs! Fang Can is not to be outdone: in order to bear the heavy love of STAYs, he worked hard on his shoulders!

Charming personally selected the national anthem, and the members had different opinions. First, Hyun-jin and HAN thought the national anthem was “Hellevator”, HAN went on to say that “God’s Menu” was a teaching song, and Lee Know thought that “Victory Song” could also be the national anthem. Seung Min thinks “TOP” is also good. Well, who makes Miguo’s songs of high quality!

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Fang Can, who is a copyright millionaire, said that he has many sources of inspiration for making songs, such as bathing, watching movies, reading comics, etc. Xiaohu summarizes that genius composers are born with inspiration, so let’s go!

As a mature MC, I have to face my own rhetoric and connect them into one sentence. Although I have been saying it all the time, I still use the news broadcast method to connect the three golden sentences!


Following the name of the chest muscles, Changbin has come to version 2.0, and the abdominal muscles are named! Changbin said: There is only one abdominal muscle, it is called ONE muscle! Fang Can shouted excitedly: My brother’s name is also Yuan Gen (transliteration), Yuan Gen!

Hyunjin challenges the Chinese tongue twister HAN’s red phoenix confession rap

Hyun Jin

In order to prove that he is not a “stupid RACHA”, Xuanchen challenged the red phoenix tongue twister. Sure enough, everything went smoothly after the green phoenix. After talking, he admitted to himself, “I’m really a fool.” Xiaohu announced that Xuanchen would continue. Re-elected as “Fool Racha Captain”!


HAN reproduced the Freestyle of Rap’s confession in the concert, Lee Know suggested that the theme is the red phoenix, HAN opened his mouth and said: “Red phoenix yeah, the red phoenix said that but I don’t know much about it but I love you STAY”! From succession to succession is STAY!

The origin of Felix black tea Seungmin exudes the beauty of seniors


How did the black tea drink that Felix hold in the palm of his hand won the heart of Xiaofei? Felix said: After tasting the taste when eating, I felt it was very novel, so I ordered a box because it was so delicious ! Xiao Fei’s likes are to be stocked in boxes!

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Puppy Seungmin imitates college seniors and wants to confess to STAYs! “STAY, let’s eat together!” People are iron, rice is steel, and if you don’t eat a meal, you will be hungry! What’s wrong with a puppy just wanting to be fed!

Grandma is an idol IN Chinese speaking, You Changbin challenges Chinese dialects to enter!


As one of the famous grandma idol representatives of K-POP! IN specially came to speak in Chinese: “Hey Yigu, our STAY baby is so cute” I should not say it, imitating the essence of Chinese grandma who cross the border!

Changbin used the way of a fitness coach to learn Chinese love words: “Can you buy me a cup of milk tea? It’s not that I don’t have money, but Si Ni can buy it! It’s sweeter!” He directly spoke the taste of the dialect! Then he said “seriously”, “I want to drink milk tea and do 10 more squats”, it’s like a devil coach wow!

The ancient version of the winking game Fang Can sings “I miss you” sweet crit

When it came to the game, several members knew well about some of their own classic scenes, and did not answer the correct answer unexpectedly, while the members who did not answer the question were asked to act like a spoiled brat to the person next to them. Fang Can sang in Chinese. “I miss you so much” is simply a sweet crit! What a great meeting!

But when it came to the winking game of names, the members took all kinds of strange names that could not be remembered, such as: Ostraro Pitekus, Berossielaipot, etc., Xiaohu just wanted to say , you know not only music, but also games! Xiaohu is like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden and seeing the world!

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Stray Kids Interview

In the end, Stray Kids expressed their love to the STAYs in China, Lee Know said: “The STAYs who are watching the interview, we will definitely meet you when we have a chance, watching this video, bear with the feeling of missing a little bit, we We have received your love very well, and one day we will go to see you, and we will continue to work hard until that day.”Return to Sohu, see more

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