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Javier Milei will be at the Book Fair amid cuts to culture and universities

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Javier Milei will be at the Book Fair amid cuts to culture and universities

The director of the Book FairEzequiel Martínez, confirmed this Sunday in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia the presence of President Javier Milei in the event that will be held once again this year in La Rural, in the midst of a particular context, marked by controversies around the defunding of the area of ​​culture and cuts to universities under the current administration.

Javier Milei will be at the Book Fair on May 12. It will be the last Sunday. From the publisher they asked that the event be in the central arena, with the cows and horses. It is the only one that we do not use at the Fair, but they spoke with La Rural, and It seems like they will take care of everything“said Martínez on Alejandro Alfie’s Contacto Digital program.

The Book Fair will take place from Thursday April 25th and will be open to the public for 19 days. Milei is expected to attend in the final days of the event.

“Milei’s event is going to happen at the Book Fair, but We are not in charge of organizing the presentation of Javier Milei’s book”, he clarified.

Milei will present «Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap » at the International Book Fair (FIL) of the City of Buenos Aires.

Javier Milei and the “indifference” with culture

In that sense, Martínez considered “paradoxical”that a Government that is “indifferent to culture”, present a book in that place.

“It is paradoxical that a Government that is indifferent to culture, feels that the place where it has to be presenting a book is in that place, in the most important cultural event in the country and in Spanish speaking regarding the book,” he said.

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Thus, he continued: “During the last few years the Book Fair reserved a privileged space in the blue room for the Nation with the Ministries of Science, Technology, Education and Culture, but This year the Government decided not to be there because ‘there is no money’”.

“Milei was in the last two editions of the Fair. She filled the rooms and there were lines of young people to enter. They were acts with respect and without crosses. But this time it will be something bigger since she comes as president, not just as the author of the book,” she concluded.

Fuente: Argentine News

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