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#Jialing’s Weight Loss Journey: The Public Slimming Recipe That Topped the Trending List

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#Jialing’s Weight Loss Journey: The Public Slimming Recipe That Topped the Trending List

Jia Ling’s Weight Loss Recipe Goes Viral

The public slimming recipe of #Jialing has taken the internet by storm, topping the trending list on the evening of the 21st.

The topic of Jia Ling’s weight loss of 100 pounds in one year in the movie “Hot and Spicy” has been a frequent search throughout the Spring Festival. Recently, Jia Ling was a guest on “One Day in Luyu” and disclosed her daily diet, shedding light on how she achieved such an impressive transformation.

In the program, Jia Ling revealed that her current daily diet consists of Chinese cabbage, purple cabbage, bell peppers, chicken breast, and brown rice. She also mentioned that her current diet is low in oil and salt, with her consuming “20 grams of oil and 5 grams of salt a day.”

Referring to the diary written during training, Jia Ling shared her journey, stating that from the beginning, she wanted to be a food broadcaster and desired to eat Sichuan hot pot. However, as her focus shifted to consuming healthier foods, she implemented the “16 + 8” principle, eating within an eight-hour window.

Furthermore, Jia Ling emphasized that her previous method of relieving stress, like many young people, was to eat and drink. However, through her weight loss journey, she has now adopted healthier habits such as drinking tea and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule.

In the latest footage released by the official account of the movie “Heat Wave” on February 18, Jia Ling revealed the diet meals she ate on the set for the first time. The video showed her eating low-fat buckwheat noodles and boiled vegetables, reflecting her commitment to a low-oil and low-salt diet.

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“Hot and Spicy” has been breaking records in the box office, becoming the box office champion of the 2024 Spring Festival and surpassing 3 billion in box office sales as of February 20. Netizens have expressed admiration for Jia Ling’s self-discipline and dedication to her health journey.

The remarkable success of both her weight loss and the film has further solidified Jia Ling’s reputation as a role model, inspiring many with her story of determination and hard work.

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