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Keanu Reeves: From Hollywood Star to Motorcycle Magnate

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Keanu Reeves: From Hollywood Star to Motorcycle Magnate

Keanu Reeves: Hollywood Star Turned Motorcycle Manufacturer

Keanu Reeves, known for his on-screen performances and off-camera personality, has managed to carve out a successful artistic career over the years. While many people are well aware of his life and achievements, few know about one of his greatest passions – motorcycles. Not only does he collect them, but he also runs a factory and sells luxury models that can reach astonishing prices of up to $100,000.

Apart from motorcycles, Keanu Reeves has made investments in various areas such as films, comics, and art books. However, his love for motorcycles has always remained his special hidden interest once the cameras were turned off.

Recently, Keanu Reeves showcased his extensive collection of motorcycles in an interview with GQ Mexico, where he also spoke about his passion for these vehicles. His love for listening to the motorcycle’s engine motivated him to not only collect them but also create his own luxury motorcycle brand.

In 2011, Reeves co-founded Arch Motorcycle, a motorcycle company, in collaboration with the experienced builder and designer Gard Hollinger. Before joining forces with Reeves, Hollinger specialized in customizing private orders. Reeves was impressed by Hollinger’s work and took advantage of his talent to create the brand.

The Hollywood star’s aim was to create a two-wheeled vehicle that would combine high performance with art. The first motorcycle they produced was the Method 143, which became a collector’s item due to its limited production of only 23 units. Priced at around $140,000, it featured a 2.3-liter engine and high-end accessories.

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However, the most iconic model from Arch Motorcycle Company is the KRGT-1, presented in 2015. This powerful and high-functioning cruiser, manufactured in the USA, bears Keanu Reeves’ initials and showcases distinctive styling. The launch of this model was a huge success, quickly capturing the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors.

Arch Motorcycle prides itself on creating custom production American motorcycles that combine performance, customization, and attention to detail. These luxury models are not available for sale to the general public and can only be reserved by exclusive customers. The prices of these motorcycles often exceed six figures in dollars.

Keanu Reeves has successfully blended his passion for motorcycles with his artistic career, proving that his talents go beyond the silver screen. Although he may be best known for his acting, his venture into the world of motorcycle manufacturing has undeniably left a lasting impact. With his unique combination of fame and expertise, Keanu Reeves continues to surprise and inspire both his fans and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

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