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Konami and Second Impact Games Unveil ‘Super Crazy Rhythm Castle’: A Unique Co-op Puzzle Adventure!

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Title: Konami and Second Impact Games Announce New Co-op Puzzle Game “Super Crazy Rhythm Castle”

Date: July 13, 2023

British game studio Second Impact Games, in partnership with Konami Digital Entertainment Limited (KONAMI), announced today the upcoming release of their never-before-heard remix co-op puzzle game, “Super Crazy Rhythm Castle.” This exciting new game combines the creativity of the creator behind “Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe” with unique gameplay to offer players an unforgettable rhythm adventure.

“Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” will be available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, allowing gamers on various platforms to embark on this mixing rhythm journey. The game is designed for both solo players and groups of up to 3 friends. Are you ready to conquer this castle and face its challenges?

The game revolves around character rhythm games but also incorporates various other gameplay elements. Players will find themselves in a strange castle where the villainous king will do everything in his power to disrupt their rhythm. It’s up to the players to overcome his challenges and embark on a very unique adventure.

In addition to supporting Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, the game also offers support for the Korean language. This demonstrates the commitment of the developers to cater to a diverse international audience.

Developed over the span of 10 years by UK-based microgame studio Second Impact Games, “Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” has been meticulously crafted to create an experience worthy of its title. The partnership with Konami will ensure that the game reaches a wider audience.

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Players can now add “Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” to their wish list on digital platforms, with more information about pre-orders and launch dates set to be revealed in the future.

Game Overview:
“Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” offers a big adventure filled with music and madness. Players will embark on an unforgettable journey, facing numerous challenges along the way. The Mad King Ferdinand, who rules the castle, will make life difficult for players as they try to dethrone him. From throwing beans at ancient summoning rituals to disrupting the giant eggplant DJ, players must keep up with the beat and outsmart the king in their own unique way.

With over 30 tracks, the game features a diverse soundtrack with genres such as rock, hip hop, and dubstep. The co-op gameplay is designed to be fun and easy to learn, accommodating players of all skill levels. Whether playing individually or with friends, players can choose between 3-key or 4-key modes or collaborate to solve puzzles while keeping the rhythm alive.

“Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” offers a variety of game environments, from musical escape rooms to elevator playgrounds. Players will need to think outside the rhythm and use their music sense to stay ahead of the king’s tricks. Unlocking and playing every song in the Music Lab allows players to revisit their favorite rhythms and aim for gold medals.

Prepare to enter a world of rhythm, adventure, and madness when “Super Crazy Rhythm Castle” hits the gaming platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on pre-orders and launch dates in the near future.

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