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Konami Launches Animation Studio: Adapting Game IP for New Animated Works

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Konami Launches Animation Studio: Adapting Game IP for New Animated Works

Konami Establishes Animation Studio to Adapt Its Game Animations

Konami has made a significant announcement by establishing its animation department KONAMI Animation Studio, dedicated to creating derivative and adapted animation works based on its game intellectual property (IP). However, the studio’s goals are not limited to only its own game IP, as it plans to produce a wide range of other projects and actively participate in gaming.

The studio, under its slogan “Add Konami to animation,” will focus exclusively on its game IP and utilize its professional knowledge, experience, and production environment in the field of game CG to cultivate new strengths for the company. This move aims to create a more diversified game company.

As the debut of KONAMI Animation Studio, Konami has launched an animation to commemorate the 25th anniversary of “Yu-Gi-Oh!”. The animation includes familiar characters such as the black magic mentor, blue-eyed white dragon, and red-eyed black dragon, as well as other well-known Yu-Gi-Oh card monsters.

With the current trend of game adaptations into animation, it is understandable that Konami is making this strategic move. The company, which has never been solely focused on games, aims to bet on both sides, especially after experiencing the impact of offline physical businesses during the epidemic.

It is clear that Konami is positioning itself to capitalize on the growing market for game adaptations into animation. This significant move will allow the company to leverage its well-known characters and related stories to reach a broader audience through various animation projects.

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