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Kugou Hummingbird pop music chart is online, here to understand the music world of Generation Z-Qianlong.com.cn

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Kugou Hummingbird pop music chart is online, here to understand the music world of Generation Z-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Kugou Hummingbird pop music chart is online, here to understand the music world of Generation Z

Recently, Kugou Music launched the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart”, which became the industry’s first list targeting Gen Z listeners’ listening preferences. Under the background that Generation Z has gradually become the mainstream user of current music consumption, it is foreseeable that the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” will become a new wind vane of music popularity, representing the new trend of young pop music.

It is understood that the “Hummingbird Pop Music List” is a young pop music list created from the perspective of Generation Z and by analyzing massive data including song literary and artistic level, user favorites, etc. As a leading digital music platform in China, Kugou Music has a large number of Gen Z music users and a massive library of genuine music, which makes the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” a list that “understands” their preferences.

Experience the listening preferences of Gen Z and see the development trend of music

Generation Z lives in the era of mobile Internet, easy to accept new things, like trendy and curious, and has its own unique label. The same goes for them in terms of music. Their taste in listening to music and their cognition of music culture have the characteristics of this generation, which is clearly reflected in the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart”.

Compared with other lists, the styles of songs on the “Hummingbird Pop Music List” are more diverse, and songs that were relatively small in the past, such as folk ballads, rap, electronic music, and national styles, have entered the list; at the same time, the proportion of songs in foreign languages ​​has increased significantly. high, accounting for about 40%.

In addition, while pursuing more personalization and diversification, Gen Z listeners also have some commonalities, such as: the most popular songs are relatively concentrated, “You Want to Be Happy” from the Times Youth League, and the short video hit “Summer in a Small Town” “”Mom’s Words” is the song that topped the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” the most. Jay Chou is still the most popular singer. Songs such as “The Bell in the opposite direction”, “Sunny Day”, “Orchid Pavilion” and “I Believe So” were selected, becoming the singer with the most songs on the list.

It is said that knowing a person depends on his playlist, menu, and bill. So to understand a generation is the same, “Hummingbird Pop Music List” provides us with such a channel to understand the listening preferences of Generation Z, from which we can gain insight into the future development trend of the music industry, such as more niche music categories gradually Into everyone’s vision, the rise of national style music and other phenomena.

Create the industry’s first list and improve the music ecology of Kugou Generation Z

In recent years, by aggregating high-quality copyrights, Kugou Music has created a form of music label, deeply cultivated young music content, and gradually created a music ecology that can gather Generation Z, laying a good foundation for the launch of the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart”.

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Kugou Music has an all-round and multi-field layout for the construction of the Gen Z music ecosystem. In the field of rap, Kugou launched the rap brand “Rap Pioneer”, which is committed to supporting rappers, incubating hot rap songs, and convening more young rappers to promote Chinese rap culture; Kugou Guofeng music brand “Guofeng Xinyu”, launched Song Yuning’s “That Year, Young”, Ke Keke’s “Painting from the Strings”, Zheng Yu’s “How to Sigh”, not only the second middle school “Dragon Silk Opera” and other national-style golden songs loved by young people; constantly introducing Pony Canyon, Being, Dongbao Animation, Rambling RECORDS, MusicRay’n and other well-known Japanese labels have expanded the two-dimensional animation music territory; and together with “The Master of Magic”, “Full-time Master”, “King of Glory”, “Jianwang III”, etc. have swept the country and are deeply loved ACG IP, which is loved by young people, has launched various forms of cooperation in music.

And many listeners are also digging the stories of youth in the Hummingbird pop music list. Recently, “Summer in a Small Town” topped the list. After listening to the song, some netizens commented: “Let’s meet in addition to graduation in summer.” “May we have no regrets in the midsummer of graduation”, this song about “youth” and “summer” hit the hearts of countless young people who have just passed the high school and college entrance examinations.

The “Hummingbird Pop Music List” launched this time is the first list in the industry to reflect the popularity of music among Gen Z listeners. After the life ecology, the centralized display of the listening situation of the Z generation listeners is a further improvement of the Kugou generation Z music ecology.

In Kugou, you can find any song you want to listen to. Every day, many users find good songs on Kugou TOP500, soaring lists and various niche music lists. The “Hummingbird Pop Music List” is launched. Provides more choices for young users.

With the blessing of Kugou’s Generation Z music ecology, there are many treasure songs like “You Want to Be Happy”, “Mom’s Words” and “Summer in a Small Town” on the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” that are worth exploring. If you are in a song shortage, “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” may become your “treasure song list”, opening a new door for your listening song library.

Now you only need to search for “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” on Kugou Music Station or select from the “Top Charts” on the homepage of Kugou Music Station to enter the “Hummingbird Pop Music Chart” and experience the music world of Generation Z.

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