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Let’s Dance – Show 1: Lulu is “the strongest woman”, Detleff Soost flashes the jury

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Let’s Dance – Show 1: Lulu is “the strongest woman”, Detleff Soost flashes the jury

Detlef Soost proves that he has a “gift”, a comedian has a “big mouth” and flies – bang! – the first out of the show and Sophia Thiel doesn’t feel sexy at all. In show number 1, the men in particular deliver!

Hui, “Let’s Dance” celebrates the Golden Twenties in the first regular edition after the introductory show, although presenter Vicky looks a bit like Colt Sievers’ assistant from the cult series of the same name. Let’s say this cautiously: There is still a lot of room for improvement for one or the other. But most celebrities only want one thing for the first show: somehow survive the dance.

Mark Keller, for example, injured his thumb during rehearsals and had to see a doctor. It’s lucky that he only advised him to be “careful with lifting figures”. But the actor does a pretty okay cha-cha-cha, even if he himself emphasizes that he’s constantly “messing up with his stupid feet.” The jury found his first dance of this new season a bit “sloppy and hectic”, but Keller is wonderfully “old school” on the dance floor.

Man, Detlef! For being so worried about failing, the coach presents a wonderful slow waltz with Ekat at his side. He swears a lot, he also talks a lot in rehearsals. But when it comes down to it, he impresses the jury with his “elegant, good posture.” Llambi even thinks: “That was great cinema! You have the gift of creating an atmosphere.”

“That was a great start!”

This compliment can undoubtedly be passed on to Tony Bauer. Finally a comedian who is actually funny. The Cha-Cha-Cha is the first dance together not only for him, but also for his partner Anastasia Stan. Even though, according to Tony, the two of them look like they’re from “Let’s Dance Kids,” they make the jury happy. Our “awake” Tony is extremely “nimble on his feet” and also makes his partner look good. The head judge is visibly proud of the man who “likes to make people laugh so much because he cried so much as a child.”

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We now know: The 28-year-old no longer has a small intestine and has to be fed via an infusion for 17 hours a day. Despite his health problems, you see a person who gives his whole heart on the floor. Or as Llambi says: “That was a great start!”

After seeing half of the celebrities on the floor, you can clearly say: the men are stronger than the women this time. Sophia Thiel, for example, shows wonderful arm movements, but you can see that she has a certain amount of shame. Jorge assures her: “You are good the way you are.” But she has trouble letting herself go and feels “not sexy at all.” She describes her femininity as a “flower” that she hopes “will still bloom.” When she carries her partner Alexandru Ionel in her hands during the Cha-Cha-Cha, you can also see that “Stronger” was really the perfect song for her.

“Wake up! We’re here at Let’s Dance!”

Actress Lina Larissa Strahl and NFL presenter Jana Wosnitza are also far too top-heavy. One Llambi is “not cheeky enough” and doesn’t push her pelvis forward enough, while the other one still looks too much like she has “learned”. Content creator Ann-Kathrin Bendixen also has to focus more on “her own body”. Your jive – to put it diplomatically: “simply not enough.”

The “Lion’s Den” investor Tillman Schulz also has to endure harsh criticism. Llambi is by no means squeamish about the poor guy. The entrepreneur is a “paper tiger”; “no emotions were seen” during his tango and everything seemed “as if it had just happened”. When you look at his sad face, you really feel a little sorry for him.

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However, that cannot be said about Maria Clara Groppler. We can simply abbreviate here. The comedienne must be the first to leave the show! Yes, she’s light on her feet and has a lot of energy, but you get the feeling: she obviously thinks she’s the funniest. For example, she shows up to training with an ironing board. On it the portrait of some “Pablo”.

Everything is rather unpleasant to look at. Does she even take the training seriously? Your partner seems to be feeling a bit uncomfortable. Llambi speaks from the viewer’s heart: “I like young, cheeky women. But if you have a big mouth, you have to deliver.” The jury saw “no structure” in their “sluggish” cha-cha-cha and Motsi added: “Wake up! We’re here at Let’s Dance!”

“It’s hard as hell”

Meanwhile, happiness coach Biyon Kattilathu radiates a lot of joy with his jive, which, alongside Detlef Soost and food creator Stefano Zarrella, is one of the best of the evening. The jury praises his strong solo parts, and can we please state that Giovanni Zarrella’s little brother “has improved the most of all the people?!” Great tango, “Chico, that was really good!”

The singer Lulu also delivered. She also impresses with a tango that is almost a “declaration of war”. Llambi praises “by far the strongest woman of the evening” for her “spicy expression,” even if her feet were “not entirely clean.” But we must also not forget the tension that is in every dancer and that really causes problems for some people. In any case, Lulu scores not only with her talent, but above all with her hard work and the will to deliver.

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And of course Gabriel Kelly shouldn’t be missing, who is the last person to dance that evening, but is way ahead in terms of points. Everything about his Quickstep looks “very natural and unforced”, although the singer himself emphasized a bit desperately during training: “It’s hard as hell and it’s only show week one!”

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