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Love and Laughter: Behind the Scenes of ‘Still Think You’re the Best 2’ Revealed

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The highly anticipated sequel to the nonsensical comedy love movie “I Still Think You’re the Best 2” is set to hit theaters on February 24, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release. The director, Chen Yongshen, recently opened up about the creative process behind the film and how love played a significant role in its creation.

During a meeting in Beijing on February 20, Director Chen Yongshen engaged with the audience, along with the famous Hong Kong director Ma Weihao, who showered his apprentice with blessings. The original “I Still Think You’re the Best” received critical acclaim upon its release in Hong Kong, dominating the box office during the Spring Festival. The sequel is set to be released in mainland China on the Lantern Festival, with pre-sales in full swing.

The upcoming film delves deeper into the emotions of the characters, exploring their inner worlds and family dynamics. The affectionate lines and heartfelt portrayal of love and family affection have resonated with audiences, with some viewers expressing their emotional reactions to the film’s poignant moments.

“Still Think You’re the Best 2” has also been dubbed as a “trap for Cantonese lovers,” as it features humorous Cantonese jokes and old slang that resonate deeply with Cantonese audiences. The film’s Mandarin dubbing team shared interesting stories about the localization process to bring the essence of Hong Kong-flavored Cantonese to mainland audiences.

Director Ma Weihao praised Chen Yongshen for his dedication to creating authentic and sincere works in the commercial film industry, expressing his anticipation for the film’s release. The film’s star-studded cast and the creative team have left no stone unturned in delivering a compelling and heartfelt cinematic experience.

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During the meeting, Director Chen Yongshen distributed wedding candies to the fans and received a paper sculpture of an auspicious “dragon” as a gift, creating a festive atmosphere in the theater. “Still Think You’re the Best 2” is produced by a powerhouse of film production companies and is set to be released nationwide on February 24, 2024, during the Lantern Festival. With its focus on genuine emotions and love, the film promises to be a heartwarming and enjoyable movie experience for audiences across the country.

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