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“Love in Nanning” Singles Concert: A Romantic Music-filled Date

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“Love in Nanning” Singles Concert: A Romantic Music-filled Date

Go on a romantic date in the name of music

“Love in Nanning” singles concert ended successfully

The five-day “Love in Nanning” singles concert ended successfully at Minsheng Square Shuiyang Market. Photo by reporter Pan Hao

The sound waves are super burning and the stars are bright. On the evening of April 13, the five-day “Love in Nanning” singles concert ended successfully at Minsheng Square Shuiyang Market.

When the orange sunset lingers, single men and women come to Minsheng Plaza and Shuiyang Market for a romantic date. “This concert will be held at Minsheng Square and Water Market. The river breeze will accompany the songs and the stars will help. Single men and women can embrace the music and have a romantic encounter in the company of the sunset and night view. Since the first performance of the concert, registration is very popular, and there will be two additional performances on April 12th and 13th, allowing single men and women to meet the person they like in a concert.” Zhang Chao, director of the “Love in Nanning” Singles Concert, said that the concert will be held continuously at a fixed time and built into an influential and characteristic cultural brand.

“The Singles Concert provides a good opportunity for people who love music to make friends. I hope that after it is held regularly in the future, more diverse styles of songs can be performed on the spot, and more excellent musicians will sing on stage, making the Singles Concert a business card from Nanning.” Mr. Gong, a single man, is looking forward to the concert. Mr. Li, a single man, also said that he exchanged contact information with the girl he likes during the event. If the event is held regularly every Saturday in the future, I believe the organization will be more standardized and more people will meet fate here.

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At about 19 o’clock, when the music sounded and the beat danced, the concert ignited a fiery passion. The audience swayed to the rhythm and enjoyed the beautiful melody. “The band’s performance was wonderful, and the atmosphere on site was particularly hot. I hope that after the event is held on a regular basis, the sweetness will still be overwhelming!” The single Ms. Zhang said that she was enjoying the live band as she listened comfortably to the river breeze.

The event that night also added an interactive session of “blindfolded guessing the sour thing”. Three pairs of male and female guests took the stage, and the male guests had to blindfold themselves and guess the string of sour things handed to them by the female guest. This link cleverly incorporates Guangxi’s characteristic sour elements, symbolizing the sweet and sour love. The watermelons were carefully cut into heart shapes and strung together with star fruit, guava, and other fruits, adding fun to the interaction between single men and women. “This kind of activity is very interesting. Through the medium of sour food, I have more interactions with boys, which not only brings us closer to each other but also spreads the unique food culture of Guangxi.” said Ms. Liu who participated in the interactive session.

During the five-day music carnival, bands and singers such as Air Band, Yang Zhenwei, Li Keying, etc. gave wonderful performances and presented high-quality audio-visual feasts. Whether it is passionate dance music or heart-touching love songs, every music style is intoxicating. The charm of music connects everyone together, like flowing notes, playing a wonderful chapter in this green city.

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Yi Jie, the lead singer of the band Air, who sang for five days in a row, witnessed many single men and women exchanging contact information while singing. “Today’s single men and women may be more reserved and may not exchange contact information even if they meet. But with music as a medium, everyone can meet people of the same frequency on the spot and get closer to each other through interaction. This method is very romantic.” Yijie said that as a witness to being single, she was very happy and excited to see everyone meeting their favorite people at the concert. (Reporters Yu Qiulan and Qin Yuxuan)

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