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Max Tschida & Tobias Faulhammer – „Rise and Shine“ – mica

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Max Tschida & Tobias Faulhammer – „Rise and Shine“ – mica

Jazz in its most stylistically open form, translated into an engaging sound that takes you on an exciting musical journey: Max Tschida and Tobias Faulhammer offer just such a thing on their first joint album “Rise and Shine” (cracked anegg records).

The album by the pianist Max Tschida and his colleague on the guitar, Tobias Faulhammer, is characterized above all by the perfect interaction. which is not really surprising, since the two have worked together on various projects many times over the past ten years. They complement each other perfectly, know how to creatively throw their ideas at each other and thus create a sound that is carried by a wonderful elegance. Her pieces move deftly between soulful quiet moments and occasional impulsive outbursts, offering listeners a varied experience.

The stylistic variety on “Rise and Shine” is remarkable and combines classical elements, modern jazz, rocking interjections and much more. Each piece tells its own musical story and reveals a wealth of sounds and influences. The melodies carry a lyrical note and are characterized by complex harmonies. The musicians surprise the listeners with exciting improvisations that push the boundaries of the pre-established structures and create a captivating atmosphere.

Overall, “Rise and Shine” is an immersive listening experience. The musical journey that Max Tschida and Tobias Faulhammer present on this album is full of emotional depth and artistic brilliance. The diversity of the pieces, the perfect interplay of the musicians, the elegant sounds, the lyrical melodies, the complex harmonies and the exciting improvisations make this album a real musical treasure.

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Jazz, fusion and experimental music fans will definitely love Rise and Shine. It’s an album that dares to push musical boundaries while captivating listeners with its beauty and expressiveness.

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Tschida/Faulhammer (Facebook)
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