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“Meeting Season” high-energy opening Lei Jiayin Yuan Quan’s entanglement affects the audience’s mood jqknews

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“Meeting Season” high-energy opening Lei Jiayin Yuan Quan’s entanglement affects the audience’s mood jqknews

The urban-themed TV series “Meeting Season” produced by Noon Sunshine is being broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV and Youku. Once the work was broadcast, the entanglement of family grievances, life problems, and tension-filled character confrontations quickly aroused heated discussions on the Internet. Concerned about the fate of the characters in the play.

“Meeting Season” is written by the original author Anai, directed by Jian Chuanqi, Hou Hongliang as the chief producer, Fang Hui as the producer, Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan as the leading actors, Zhang Yixing, Jia Nailiang, Luo Haiqiong, Liang Guanhua, Lian Lian, Yan Xiaopin, Starring Sun Ning and Zhu Zimo, and starring Li Naiwen, Wang Churan and Zhang Li. The play revolves around decades of grievances and grievances between two families and two generations. It tells the story of Jian Hongcheng (played by Lei Jiayin) and Ning You (played by Yuan Quan) after their middle-aged reunion, facing the middle-aged crisis and resolving the feud and contradictions together.

The plot conflicts are constantly entangled, the characters are entangled, and the audience is hooked

The beginning of “Meeting Season” tells the origin of the feud between Jian and Ning: Cui Hao (played by Huang Junpeng) stabbed the factory manager Jian Zhiguo (played by Jiang Baixuan) because of his job transfer, and he jumped off the building to commit suicide after knowing that he had made a big mistake. The eldest daughter of the Jian family, Jian Minmin (played by Danni Chong), made trouble with the Cui family and accidentally injured the youngest son of the Cui family, Cui Qiming (played by Lu Yuhao). abroad. With the opening of this family feud, the two story lines with the Jane and Ning families as the protagonists gradually unfolded. The Ning family sisters and brothers grew up in hard life experience, the younger brother Ning Shu (played by Zhang Yixing) has been unable to let go of the hatred that year, and deliberately wanted to take revenge on the Jian family; troubled by the problem. And the contradictions exposed by the Jian family seem to be more: Jian Hongcheng and Jian Minmin (played by Luo Haiqiong) were siblings due to the division of property in the early years; Jian Hongcheng’s ex-wife Chen Xiner (played by Lian Lian) used the child as an excuse to entangle him; because of company management issues, Jian Minmin With Zhang Lixin (Liang Guanhua) and his wife, the company is heavily in debt and faces a land sale crisis. The two story lines are intertwined, the game of human nature, the confrontation of emotions, and the fetters of family affection collide with each other, and the conflicts continue, making the majority of netizens call “good guy!”

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After the play was broadcast, the exciting and intense plot aroused discussion among audiences on the Internet: some people rebuked Chen Xiner for leaving her children to find her ex-husband, expressing their distress for “little sweet potatoes”; The couples who are in love with each other are very concerned and bluntly said, “It’s so funny, I want to laugh when I see them fighting.” Among them, the question of whether Ning You should divorce her children has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens. In order not to hurt her son Huihui (played by Zhu Zimo), Ning You concealed the fact that her husband was cheating and the two were about to divorce, and worked hard to protect her husband. image in the minds of children. After this episode was broadcast, many netizens said that Ning You’s actions were to protect children, which is understandable; there were also many netizens who disagreed with it, they believed that children are also part of the family, and it is true that they have an equal right to know. respect; netizens are hotly discussing, not only indulging in the ups and downs of the plot, but also resonating with the experience and emotions of the people in the play, causing thinking.

The characters are rich in cross-sections, the characters are three-dimensional and vivid, and their personalities are remarkable

After the broadcast of the series, all the characters in the series have received attention and praise from netizens, such as Jian Hongcheng who looks domineering and kind, Ning Yu who is tough and strong, Ning Shu who is black-bellied, and Jian Minmin who is domineering and domineering. Remarkable personality characteristics and obvious differences, these characteristics not only endow the characters with distinctive symbols, but also enhance the visibility of the drama.

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For example, his ex-wife Chen Xiner left her child and ran to find Jian Hongcheng. While he dealt with the turmoil of the class reunion calmly, he gritted his teeth and said that he would take away the custody of the child. The versatility of the characters transitions naturally and smoothly. Many netizens were impressed by Lei Jiayin’s acting skills after watching it, saying that his performance was quite impactful, not only showing the complexity of human nature, but also showing the tyrant with his own unique temperament. After the premiere, the topic of “Lei Jiayin has returned from half an episode and is already the president” aroused concern and discussion among netizens. Yuan Quan’s Ning You has an impressive scene. Her husband cheated again and was discovered by her son. The two talked about how to tell their children and how to divide their property in divorce. The whole scene was not particularly public, and all the emotional outbursts were very depressing. This way of handling immediately showed a mother’s anger, heaviness, and helplessness in a three-dimensional manner. In addition, Ning Shu, who is well-behaved and black-bellied in front of his family, Jian Minmin, who is pungent and full of joy, and Hao Qinglin, who has achieved a new level of “soft rice and hard food”, all brought a lot of surprises to the audience. The collision of these different personalities has produced a strong dramatic tension, and the actors have also used their best skills to perform roles and fight with opponents, which can be described as hearty. Through their performances, the various characters in the play “live”, and the audience is immersed in it, fluctuating with the fate of the characters, and looking forward to the follow-up plot.

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In the plot last night, Ning You and Hao Qinglin negotiated divorce matters, can they go through the formalities smoothly after that? Ning Shu returns to Linshui, how will his revenge plan unfold? Zhang Lixin wants to sell Lixin Building in order to solve the financial difficulties. How will Jian Hongcheng deal with it? Tonight, “Meeting Season” will continue to be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV and Youku, so stay tuned.

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