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Messi, the cultural phenomenon that does not stop growing

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Messi, the cultural phenomenon that does not stop growing

Lionel Messi He is not a simple ambassador of Argentine sports. He’s not the best soccer player in the world (or yes, but that’s beside the point). Neither he nor the most preponderant athlete in universal history. He is something more than that. A God? For him Pope Francisco No, but for many Argentines surely yes. It is that his figure broke the sound barrier. Messi is the expression of street art on the walls of all cities in Argentina. He is a statue in a square (and in Conmebol) and a gigantography in India. It is all of that. And more.

It is the mirror of many children who begin to play ball. And also the image of the most famous circus on the planet, because Cirque du Soleil he chose it to pay tribute to him as he did with other emblematic artists.

Messi and Marcos from “Big Brother”, the new influencers of culture

The company decided to create an unprecedented show that commemorates Messi’s talent and exceptional skills, and that will be presented for the first time in the province of Saltahe Next July 14 at Delmi Stadium (Ibazeta y O’ Higgins, Salta Capital).

“From the beginning, when we created this show with Cirque du Soleil, Leo Messi and Sony Music, we imagined its arrival in Argentina. It fills us with pride that Salta is the first province in the country to open its doors to you. I have no doubt that the public will be dazzled by this wonderful show that artistically translates the incomparable talent that Leo gives us in every game”. account Sergio Lavieco-founder of Pop Music.

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With impressive staging, top-notch stunts and stunning visual effects, Messi10 promises an unforgettable experience.


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